World Archery is governed by its member associations, who meet every two years at World Archery Congress and have the ability to make changes to the World Archery Rulebook and Constitution via motion.

To manage the federation’s activities in between each Congress, members elect a President, an Executive Board – and a smaller Executive Committee – and individuals to a number of permanent and temporary committees.

World archery Congress

The governing body of World Archery, Congress meets every two years to discuss the development of the sport, vote on motions to amend the World Archery Rulebook and Constitution and appoint members to its board and committees. Congress is made up of World Archery’s members, Executive Board and representatives from its committees.

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Executive Board

Between Congress meetings, the Executive Board is the governing body of World Archery. It is made up of the President, First Vice President, three Vice Presidents and eight other members, including an athletes’ representative and the Secretary General.

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Permanent committees, ad hoc committees and commissions focus on the governance of certain areas of World Archery’s operations.

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Honorary Officers

Persons who do exemplary work in areas of World Archery’s governance and who retire from their positions may be made honorary officers of the organisation.

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