Plaquettes and Recognition

World Archery Congress recognises the importance of contributions of individuals and organisations from in and outside the World Archery Family to the ongoing growth and success of the sport. It recognises such contributions through gold, silver and bronze plaquettes, the Golden Arrow Award and – as part of its commitment to gender equity – a pair of awards for women.


Since 1955, World Archery Congress has awarded gold and silver plaquettes in recognition of the exceptional service of individuals within the World Archery Family to the sport of archery. Bronze plaquettes are awarded by member associations, with the prior approval of the Executive Committee, to individuals in their own countries who have given exceptional service to the sport internationally.

Golden Arrow Award

World Archery created the Golden Arrow Award in 1997 to honour individuals who have supported, assisted or developed archery but are not necessarily a member of one of World Archery’s member associations. The Executive Board decides to whom and when a Golden Arrow is awarded.

Women’s Awards

World Archery’s Women’s Awards were created in 2009 to reward the involvement of women in archery at every level. 

The World Archery Women’s Award is presented to exceptional individuals, recognising their remarkable contribution and service to the sport.

The World Archery Member Associations Female Athletes Award is presented at each Congress to the national federation that has entered the most female athletes into international competition. Russia won the first award in 2009.