World Archery’s staff is primarily based at its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland to provide services and support for its members and officers. The staff is split into four departments:

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Tom Dielen
Secretary General

After graduating with a Master of Engineering in IT, Tom worked for SWIFT in the financial sector. In 1996, he became executive director of World Archery, moved the organisation’s headquarters from Milan to Lausanne and began building a permanent staff. Tom worked at WADA from 2002 to 2005, before rejoining World Archery as secretary general. Tom has been a national archery champion in several disciplines. Read more about Tom Dielen.

Key responsibilities:

  • General management of the World Archery office.
  • Assisting the president in representing World Archery within the Olympic Movement.
  • Management of World Archery Congress and executive board meetings.

Siret Luik
Deputy secretary general

A former athlete, coach and national federation secretary general, Siret joined the World Archery office in 2018. She previously studied sports management in Korea and worked at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Siret competed at seven world championships as an archer.

Key responsibilities:

  • Liaison with member associations and other stakeholders.
  • Good governance, safeguarding and special projects.
  • Rules, interpretations and liaison with constitution and rules committee.

Caroline Murat
Head of finance

Following her studies in business administration, Caroline worked for various multinational companies in Europe and the Americas. She started working in the office in 2002.

Key responsibilities:

  • Accounting, payments and financial records.
  • Budget preparation and evaluation.
  • Liaison with auditors and finance and audit board.

Matteo Pisani
Head of technology

An experienced programmer, Matteo leads the development of the open-source i@nseo software. He joined World Archery in 2014.

Key responsibilities:

  • Results, timing and scoring at major events.
  • Management of the federation database, servers and extranet.
  • Implementing new technologies.

Jenny Brugger
Head of human resources

Jenny worked for business travel agency Carlson Wagonlit before joining World Archery in 2011. Her initial role was focused on travel booking but has since expanded to including staff wellbeing.

Key responsibilities:

  • Human resources and office administration duties.
  • Management of world record claims.
  • Liaison with athletes committee.

Severine Deriaz
Senior office and Officials coordinator

After graduating from studies in trade and economy, Séverine worked for business travel agency Carlson Wagonlit before joining World Archery 2009. She is passionate about sports and previously practised synchronised skating.

Key responsibilities:

  • Office administration duties.
  • Travel and accommodation booking for staff trips.
  • Liaison with judge committee and coordination of judges.

Events Department 

Thomas Aubert
head of events and marketing

Thomas studied business administration and had a successful career as an archer in the French team, winning a world team silver medal in 2009, before joining the World Archery office in 2012. He started as an intern, became assistant to the secretary general and then marketing services coordinator before moving to the events department.

Key responsibilities:

  • Operational management of the World Archery event portfolio.
  • Management of event bidding, contracts and the marketing programme.
  • Liaison with technical, target, field and coaches committee.

Fernando Suarez
Head of events and logistics

Fernando worked as a freelance manager at World Archery events until 2019, when he joined the team on a more regular basis but remains an external consultant.

Key responsibilities:

  • Operational management of the World Archery event portfolio.
  • Delivery of field of play at international tournaments.
  • Coordination of logistics and fixtures at events.

Cécile Tosetti
Events coordinator

Before joining World Archery in 2019, Cécile worked for Event Knowledge Services and the cantonal bank of Vaud. She has experience in events and has also lived in the USA.

Key responsibilities:

  • Support department with planning and logistics of the event portfolio.
  • Maintain event organiser’s manual and other resources.
  • Departmental administration including coordination of plans, technical and bidding documents, and contracts.

Gonzalo Lasarte
Marketing coordinator

Gonzalo holds a degree in business administration from CUNEF and completed the AISTS masters in Lausanne. His professional experience includes financial consultancy at PricewaterhouseCoopers and international sports marketing roles

Key responsibilities:

  • Support head of events and marketing.
  • Work on the federation’s commercial offering and sponsor relations.

Development Department


Melany Pifarre Postigo
Development projects coordinator

Melany is a certified translator from France with experience in sports management. She speaks French, Spanish and English fluently and has basic knowledge of Chinese. She joined World Archery in 2019 and is a barebow archer and former judge.

Key responsibilities:

  • Coordination of Olympic Solidarity projects.
  • Management of World Archery coaching courses.
  • Planning of international development initiatives.

World Archery Excellence Centre

Envisaged as a hub for Olympic, elite and recreational archery worldwide, the World Archery Excellence Centre will host training camps, individual athletes, judging and coaching seminars, and become the primary venue for World Archery’s development initiatives.

Read more about the Excellence Centre Staff

Communications Department

Chris Wells
Head of communications

Chris has professional experience in publishing and as a member of the sports department at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. He joined World Archery full-time in 2014. Chris was an archer and irregularly still shoots a bow.

Key responsibilities:

  • Communications strategy creation and implementation.
  • Content production and editing for digital platforms and print media.
  • Television broadcast production and distribution.

Ludivine Maitre Wicki
Senior communications coordinator

Ludivine is a successful petanque player and has been a member of the Swiss national team, on and off, since 1995. She studied English linguistics and literature along with social communications before joining the World Archery office in 2003.

Key responsibilities:

  • Content production and editing for digital platforms.
  • Coordination and translation of all French language output.
  • Management of contacts, calendar and internal newsletter.

Gwenaël Massot
Communications coordinator

Gwen graduated from studies in multimedia communications and web design and built professional experience as a cameraman, drone pilot and editor. He is passionate about new technology, cinema, music and sports. Gwen joined the office in 2016.

Key responsibilities:

  • Management of the federation’s official YouTube channel.
  • Create, curate and edit video content.
  • Management and maintenance of video archive.