head2head archery

The head2head archery app lets archers from around the world compete against each other in live matchplay, no matter their location, timezone or ability. Click the links below to download the app now…


Players register, upload bow profiles and challenge other players to live head2head archery matches. The arrows an archer shoots in real life are recorded in the app, either end-by-end, or in advance, while his opponent does the same. (You can even ask for picture evidence!)

Over time, players build up a global head2head record!

Through World Archery’s extensive competition results database, Olympic and World Archery Champions past and present can also be challenged in historical replay head2head contests.


The head2head archery app is available now:

  • Live match scoring
  • Match record database
  • Historical matches
  • Invite and challenge friends
  • Opponent finder


“I absolutely love the app. I’m telling every archer I know about it. It’s such a brilliant idea. I’ve started incorporating it into my daily training in preparation for the Hyundai Archery World Cup stage in Shanghai” – Louise Redman, Australia  (April 2016)


We’re going to be developing the functionality of head2head archery from player feedback. You can leave your feedback by contacting the support team through the contact page.

Features to be added to head2head archery soon:

  • Push notification
  • Intelligent matching
  • Expanded bow bios
  • and more…

The head2head archery application was developed by Ken Sentell in partnership with World Archery IT and Communications.