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The Prince falls short of record, but better than the rest

23 April 2014
Shanghai (CHN)
Stephan HANSEN, dubbed the Prince of Denmark, couldn’t clean the last two ends of qualification to claim the world best mark – but he staved off an assault from Bridger DEATON to take pole position.

It’s no new thing in archery, especially the compound men’s division – the last two world champions have been under the age of 20 – but the top three at Shanghai 2014 are young. Average age: 19 years old.

HANSEN led the pack: “That was pretty hard. I cleaned the first three ends and then my head just completely screwed up, I guess. I shot a 57. But then my game came back and I shot two 60s to finish the first half.”

“I could only afford to shoot one nine in the second half of the round,” said HANSEN who had his eyes on the world record. “I knew it would be a really tough task. I took one arrow after the other and did my best.”

He couldn’t quite manage it and finished on 713, two points shy of Canada’s Christopher PERKINS’ senior world best mark. It did up the junior best, though – which was his own record anyway!

HANSEN was happy: “It’s a good start to this competition. I hadn’t shot that great at home – but I changed my bow recently, and it’s working really well here.”

Second seed went to Bridger DEATON – in his first full season as a member of the USA senior compound squad – and current world champion Mike SCHLOESSER from the Netherlands.

DEATON was looking to make the USA mixed team at some point this year on the World Cup circuit. “To have it happen at the first stage is promising,” he said. “Hopefully it will continue. I want to keep shooting well and go far in the individual, the team and the mixed team.”

Big aspirations then, for the States’ newest elite compounder: “As long as I keep shooting well, I will be happy.”

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