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States top three at world field: “We are looking to keep it going”

21 August 2014
Zagreb (CRO)
Over yesterday’s unmarked round in Zagreb, States trio BROADWATER, ANDERSON and COUSINS led the compound men’s division

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World Archery Field Championships

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“Yesterday was good! The course was beautiful but not that challenging. We shot well and I’m happy that everything went good for all of us,” reigning world field champ Jesse BROADWATER said.

Scoring 425 out of 432, Jesse shot one of the highest ever field scores on record for unmarked distances. His two teammates ANDERSON and COUSINS trailed him by only five and seven points, respectively.

“My first world field championship was 16 years ago,” former champ COUSINS added, saying that the less steep shots in Zagreb require an alternative approach to the field game. “It’s a different kind of challenge with not so many variables. You’ve just go to get the numbers and shoot…”

By getting the numbers he means gauging the distance. On the unmarked round, choosing where to set your sight is half the battle.

Two years ago in Val d’Isere, Dave beat DOLDERMAN (NED) to bronze 63-58.

“I think that yesterday we shot to our full potential,” COUSINS concluded. “And we can keep that going today.”

ANDERSON wasn’t expecting much: “I haven’t shot a lot of field archery, so I was a surprised to shoot a 420 score… at the world field champs!”

It’s well-known that Americans are always competitive in compound men’s competition – so it’s important that they deliver results in Zagreb.

“To make the team is difficult, you have to be at a lot of championships just to make it! So the least you can do is show up, and we all did well. We have to keep it going for the rest of the week”, Steve added.

With a decent lead over the rest of the field, a strong showing over the marked round would secure the States trio top seeds heading into the elimination.

Unlike target archery, though – where head to head matches and seeds matter as soon as elimination begins – scores are wiped clean for the next stage of competition. The top 16 archers in each division after qualification advance to the first elimination, which is a straight-score 12 targets.

One final note from Jesse: “I prefer to shoot unmarked because it is a challenge.” He said the scores should be higher for the marked round, because that distance gauging aspect is no longer needed.

If anyone can put in a big score today, it’s defending champ and Zagreb leader, Jesse BROADWATER.

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