Chinese Taipei opens region’s biggest archery field

23 April 2015
Tamsui (TPE)
A new, state-of-the-art facility has been opened in Chinese Taipei. The field, which is now the biggest dedicated to archery in the region, was funded in full by private sponsors.

After his election as president of the Chinese Taipei archery federation in 2014, CHU Wen-Yu identified the need for permanent archery facilities. While the nation had top quality athletes and coaches, it was missing a large training and competition venue – particularly for its national tournaments, which regularly draw up 1,000 participants.

Tamsui, 40 minutes away from Taipei City and one of the most famous tourist destinations in Chinese Taipei, was chosen as the location of the facility.

Much planning, development and construction later, the Tamsui centre was ready to host its first national event. On 18-20 March 2015, the finished venue welcomed over 1,500 athletes for competition: 560 elementary and junior school students and 976 archers from high school, university and the senior ranks. In addition to the national and international competitions the fields will host, the centre will run training courses for coaches and judges – as well as coordinating off-site training.

The main competition field at the Tamsui centre holds up to 75 targets at shooting distances of up to 90 metres. A nearby secondary practice field has targets at up 50 metres.

In total, the cost of building and initial operations for the centre came in at around 2.2 million USD. The funds were raised by President CHU without government subsidy. The centre will be run as a club for the general public, with members paying for the upkeep through membership fees, rental, equipment and lessons.

Led by President CHU, professionalism is developing in archery in Chinese Taipei, as the federation works towards long-term development goals and sustainable solutions for the sport at elite, recreational and casual levels.

The Chinese Taipei federation would like to welcome archers and coaches from around the world to visit the brand-new Tamsui archery centre.