Committees and Executive Board meet in Lausanne

6 December 2016
Lausanne (SUI)
Members of World Archery’s governance structure attended a biennial meeting at the federation’s headquarters.

The week-long programme included meetings of World Archery’s permanent and ad-hoc committees, commissions and Executive Board, then delegates attended the official opening of the new World Archery Excellence Centre in Lausanne.

Committees discussed updates to the World Archery Rulebook, challenges and opportunities in developing the sport and gave feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation. They were also asked to outline a number of goals for the upcoming year, as part of World Archery’s drive to ensure all aspects of its structure remain proactive.

The World Archery Executive Board came to a consensus on a number of motions to be taken to Congress in 2017.

Proposals include increasing the number of members in World Archery committees to five, with staggered elections, to promote better transfer of knowledge; increasing the number of teams advancing to eliminations to 24, and removing the World Archery Indoor Championships – and making the winners of the Indoor Archery World Cup the world champions.

A decision, which will not require the approval of Congress, was made to increase entry fees to World Archery events – World Archery Championships and Hyundai Archery World Cup stages – and introduce procedures for late registration and accreditation changes.

World Archery Secretary General gave a report on activities since the previous Executive Board meeting, which was held during the Olympic Games in Rio, and presented the budget for 2017. The Board also heard from Tokyo 2020 sport manager Yuko Okura, and news on the Mexico City 2017 World Archery Championships and Congress.

“Bringing together everyone in World Archery’s governance structure allows representatives from different aspects of the federation to properly discuss the direction of the sport," said Secretary General Tom Dielen.

“It gives us the opportunity to bounce around ideas, properly work through positive changes and gain perspective, with inputs from individuals from diverse backgrounds, interests and responsibilities within World Archery.”

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