Worth the trip? Taylor postpones honeymoon for Samsun

28 September 2018
Samsun (TUR)
Australia’s Taylor Worth makes his World Cup Final debut in 2018.

Travelling 12,000 kilometres from Perth, Australia to Samsun, Turkey for his first appearance at the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final, Taylor Worth is hoping to take something home – especially after he postponed his honeymoon to compete here in Samsun.

His third-place individual finish at the last stage of the year in Berlin secured a spot that was maybe not the biggest event in Worth’s life this summer. 

He got married just seven weeks ago.

“Yes, that kind of threw a spanner in the works. [laughs] We’ve postponed the honeymoon until after this tournament,” he said.

“It’s the end of my outdoor year. I’m not shooting indoors this season, so the next thing is preparing for our world champs trial, in late February. I’ve got to do a lot of work between now and then of course.”

“But I've not been doing any special preparation for this tournament, no. Same old every day.”

The Australian team have recently been training with the Chinese Taipei squad. It’s part of several southern hemisphere exchanges in the past few years.

“They came over to us this time. Our coach is from Taipei, and she’s organised to get a lot of their top archers to come to Australia and train,” he explained.

“It was really beneficial to shoot an entire week of matches.”

Beneficial, certainly, for this tournament that only consists of matches. And Taylor’s first will be against home favourite Mete Gazoz, who defeated the Australian archer in the Berlin semifinals.

“It doesn’t really matter who I’m against,” said Worth.

“Everybody here has earned their spot. They’re all top shooters. If you're not shooting well, you're not going to win.”

The 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final takes place on 29-30 September in Samsun, Turkey.