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4 February 2010 - World Archery Plan Update

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World Archery Plan Update Lausanne - 4 February 2010   The FITA staff have all had a busy start to 2010. Last week, however, they took some precious time off of their daily activities to sit down to discuss the next steps of the World Archery Plan. Seeing the momentum that the World Archery Plan created at the 2009 Congress, and the excitement and dedication to the Plan showcased by the Member Associations, the whole FITA staff is as motivated as ever to delve into the next Targets of the Plan.   At the 2009 Congress, the delegates saw the great achievements reached since the Plan’s launch in 2007. Among the many World Archery Plan achievements was the launch of the new ‘World Archery’ brand – the primary aim of Target 2007: Identity. The new brand, supported by a new logo, aims at unifying all activities, events, and members of FITA under one brand name that will be centrally promoted by FITA and its Member Associations - a first for an international federation!   Target 2008: Events focused on improving Archery’s international events by differentiating Recurve and Compound competitions. The event entertainment, the role of prize money, and the format/structure of the Archery Rule Books were discussed, with the aim of making both Recurve and Compound events even stronger.   These first two Targets focused on improving the core of the FITA organisation. As we move into the next Targets, focus shifts to strengthening the external promotion of the World Archery brand to the public, media and partners. As the plan moves forward to the next three targets that will be completed between now and 2012, the core philosophy is to integrate a mentality of promotion into everything that happens in World Archery. As the Plan moves closer to 2012, the remaining three Targets are the following:

At the meeting last week, the FITA staff discussed in detail Target 2009-2010: Promotion. There are five different areas of promotion that the World Archery Plan will focus on: Centralised marketing, local and national promotion of events, non-sporting events, media relations and interaction with the media. Ensuring the World Archery brand is consistently promoted and widely recognised by all external partners is the goal. Target objectives are projected to be completed by mid-year 2010 when the next Target will then get underway.   Commenting on the future of the World Archery Plan, FITA Secretary General Tom DIELEN said: “The World Archery Plan is without a doubt continuing to move our sport in a new and better direction. With the combination of achieving our promotional and marketing objectives and launching Target 2010-2011: Partnerships, it appears 2010 is going to be another exciting year for FITA!”   Working groups will now take the feedback from the Congress and the Staff Meeting and deliver new ideas for the World Archery Plan Steering Group. The ideas and concepts developed by FITA’s Working Groups have been the foundation for previous World Archery Plan achievements, and Target 2009-2010’s Working Groups look to continue that momentum. All those interested in creating new ideas that can positively impact the growth and recognition for the sport can become a part of a Working Group by contacting FITA headquarters.   Presentation of the World Archery Plan     FITA Communication