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The head2head archery app lets archers from around the world compete against each other in live matchplay, no matter their location, timezone or ability. Click the links below to download the app now…

World Archery events range from the international to national, from multi-nationality to localised. All are run to the same (or similar) set of rules, and all feature archers performing, and competing, at their highest level. International events are awarded to bid cities, coordinated and managed by World Archery directly, world ranking events are coordinated by its continental associations and world record status by its national member associations.

Some items of archery equipment require specialised skills and knowledge to produce. World Archery’s licensing programme ensures these items are produced to the standard required for use at World Archery events.

Licensed Target Face Manufacturers

Target faces used at World Archery world record and world ranking level events and above must be produced by one of the following licensed manufacturers.