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Para archery has been integral to the Paralympic movement since the beginning when the sport was used as a rehabilitation tool for injured veterans at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Para archery was the first sport in which wheelchair athletes had organised competition and was one of the original Paralympic sports at Rome 1960. It has been present on the programme of every Summer Paralympic Games since.

Separate individual competitions are held for men and women, as well as mixed team events.

Recurve and compound bows are permitted for use on the Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit and World Archery Championships.

Classification provides the framework and structure of international para archery competition.

The 52nd World Archery Congress was held in Mexico City  on 13/14 October 2017 on the eve of the World Archery Championships running from 15 to 22 October.

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The World Archery Star awards recognise achievements on the standard World Archery competition rounds. Only one performance award can be claimed for each round – when the athlete achieves the relevant score for the first time in an event.