World Archery Events

World Archery events range from the international to national, from multi-nationality to localised. All are run to the same (or similar) set of rules, and all feature archers performing, and competing, at their highest level. International events are awarded to bid cities, coordinated and managed by World Archery directly, world ranking events are coordinated by its continental associations and world record status by its national member associations.

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International Events

The World Archery Championships, and its sister events for youth, para, field, indoor and 3D competitions, and the Archery World Cup and Indoor Archery World Cup are World Archery’s international event properties. They operate in accordance with the World Archery rules and are the international federation’s primary vehicle for promoting archery as an elite sport.

World Archery is also responsible for coordinating the archery competitions at the Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and World Games. These events remain the properties of their respective owners.


World Archery’s Executive Board award the federation’s properties to bid cities according to proposals put forward by member associations, cities and event companies. Event bid deadlines usually end approximately four years prior to the event date, although some rights are awarded earlier. 

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Media and TV Coverage

International, regional and local media or press are always welcome at World Archery events. As well as producing live and delayed signals for off-site broadcasters, international events have the facilities to accommodate on-site written, photo and broadcast media, including excellent camera access and unparalleled contact with athletes and officials.

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World Ranking events

Athletes that compete at world ranking events earn points towards their World Archery ranking. There are minimum standard requirements for these events, including in results collection, verification and submission and the appointment of judges of an appropriate standard.

World ranking events are awarded by World Archery’s continental associations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. The submission form for world ranking event applicants can be found in the documents and links menu on this page. Forms must not be submitted to World Archery directly.

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World record status events

All international and world ranking events are automatically recognised as events at which a world record can be shot. Events at the national level and below can apply to their national member associations, who take responsibility for ensuring events comply with the appropriate standards for the issuing of an announcement, registration, athlete participation, order of shooting, judging and results publication, for recognition as world record status.