Clean Sport

World Archery is committed to fighting doping within the sport of archery. Cheating of any kind of not tolerated. Although the sport historically does not have a problem with doping, initiatives are taken to protect the integrity of clean athletes in archery through education and awareness.

Shoot Clean Campaign

World Archery’s Shoot Clean campaign was launched to tie in with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s “Say NO! To Doping” initiative.

It is a clear and striking brand, using the the World Anti-Doping Agency green, that is heavily displayed at world championships, the Archery World Cup and other international events.

Shoot Clean is an awareness building programme, designed to encourage archers to continue fighting doping and remain clean athletes themselves.

reporting and Whistleblowing

Speak Up! is a secure digital platform for athletes and others to report anti-doping rule violations, non-compliance violations or any act or omission that could undermine the fight against doping in sport. It is available online and as a secure app for iOS and Android.

Anyone who detects, identifies, witnesses, knows of or has reasonable grounds to suspect that cheating has occurred is encouraged to submit a report to World Anti-Doping Agency. The informant may decide to retain anonymity or become a whistleblower if they wish to continue supporting any investigation.

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Banned substances and Alcohol

The list of substances banned both in and out of competition is updated and published every year by the World Anti-Doping Agency. World Archery subscribes to the banned list and a commitment to the fight against doping in its rulebook.

Alcohol is no longer banned in competition by the World Anti-Doping Agency but it is still banned by World Archery. Athletes selected for in-competition doping tests will also be subject to a breathalyser and World Archery would treat any positive alcohol test as an adverse analytical finding, the same as any other substance on the banned list.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions

Athletes may have conditions that require them to take particular medications. If this medication falls under the prohibited list, the athlete should apply for a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) that gives them authorisation to take the required medicine and continue to compete.

Read more about therapeutic use exemptions

Registered Testing Pool

World Archery identifies athletes to be included in its registered testing pool each year, in accordance with WADA’s World Anti-Doping Code and the World Archery Anti-Doping Rules.

Registered testing pool athletes are subject to random out-of-competition testing and must register their whereabouts with ADAMS.

For more information on the registered testing poolcontact us

Anti-Doping Education

The effective education of athletes is crucial to defending archery’s integrity as a fair, clean and transparent sport.


CoachTrue is a World Anti-Doping Agency resource that assesses and certifies coaches’ knowledge of anti-doping topics. This award-winning tool puts users in real-life situations to test aptitude and issues a certificate for passing a final test.

National archery federations are advised to use CoachTrue to prepare their team officials.


Play True Quiz

Play True tests athletes’ knowledge of anti-doping in 32 different languages. It is produced by WADA and has been used at Olympic, Paralympic and Youth Olympic Games and many world championships.

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ALHPA is designed to change athlete attitudes and have an impact on those who intend to dope. It offers positive solutions for athletes to stay clean and shifts focus away from what athletes are not permitted to do.

The World Anti-Doping Agency developed the Athlete Learning Programme about Health and Anti-Doping – or ALPHA – with the input of e-Learning specialists, athletes, anti-doping specialists and anti-doping social scientists.


WADA Tools

The World Anti-Doping Agency provides a set of tools to assist stakeholders with their anti-doping education needs, in addition to its e-learning tools, including videos, leaflets and tool kits.

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Long term storage policy

World Archery currently does not store samples for longer than is required by labratories. Substances of abuse in archery are easily-detectable and new methods of detection are unlikely to enhance anti-doping procedures in the sport. This policy is evaluated on a periodic basis.

Data protection

The contact person for all matters related to data protection is Thomas Aubert, reachable via the World Archery office. For further reference we comply with the International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information.