World Archery’s development department works with the organisation’s member associations to grow archery in nations around the world. The department offers advice and consultancy on strategic planning in areas of performance and grassroots development, assists in applications for Olympic Solidarity funding and coordinates programmes for coach and coach trainer education.

Member Association Services

Emerging national archery federations can apply to World Archery for temporary membership. Membership can be granted in interim periods between World Archery Congress, where it will be voted on by the current World Archery membership.

Strategic Planning

Consulting services and strategic planning assistance is available for specific projects, including national high performance programmes, national coaching certification programmes, archery range planning and other areas.

Equipment Assistance

Pending certain requirements, member associations with the greatest needs in archery development can apply for equipment assistance – not including targets and venues or facilities. To benefit from this, member associations must have adopted an agreed strategic plan for the equipment’s usage.

Olympic Solidarity

Olympic Solidarity assists nations with the greatest sport development needs. Many World Archery member associations may apply and receive Olympic Solidarity financial aid for athletes, coach education and development of a National Sport System. (More information is available in the 2017-2020 Olympic Solidarity guide.)

There are two sources of Olympic Solidarity funding: world programmes and continental programmes. World programmes are coordinated through the Olympic Solidarity headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. Continental programmes are coordinated by the Olympic associations in each continent and are customised for each region.

World Archery member associations must apply for both types of programme through their National Olympic Committee. World Archery’s development department is available to help facilitate the process.

Archery Centres

World Archery’s centres are hubs for the development of the sport. The World Archery Excellence Centre is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and World Archery Partner Centres are located in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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Development Partners

World Archery is supported in its worldwide efforts to develop archery by its Development Fund Partners and Associate Members.

  • International Olympic Committee

  • Global Sports Development

  • Olympafrica

  • Peace and Sport