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RSA Gauteng Archery renames Juan Spies Head To Head Tournament the "Nelson Mandela Championships"

In memory of Nelson MANDELA and his contribution to sport, the annual Juan Spies Head to Head Tournament has been renamed the Nelson Mandela Championships.

The change was confirmed in an unanimous vote of the provincial executive and carries World Archery’s sanction.

The event is traditionally the first tournament of the New Year and is one of the most important tournaments on the South African archery calendar, used as a selection criteria for international events falling in the first half of the year.

President of the South African Archery Federation Dr Selwyn MOSKOVITZ welcomed the move: "Madiba was responsible for allowing us to compete in international events and allowing us to use the springbok as part of our emblem".

The championships will take place at the Marks Park Club in Gauteng (RSA) on 4-5 January 2014. Special medals for the winners in all recognised categories will be minted for the inaugural event.

All members are invited to compete:

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