Axcel nouveau partenaire de World Archery pour la saison 2015 (en anglais)

16 février 2015
Lausanne (SUI)
Premier à rejoindre le nouveau programme de sponsoring de World Archery, le fabricant de viseurs soutiendra la Coupe du Monde et les Mondiaux tout au long de l'année.

Axcel Sights is a company well known for its positive approach to developing target archery, generous donations as a sponsor for national and international events and a manufacturer of high-quality archery equipment.

In an initial one-year deal, Axcel Sights signed on to become the Official Sight of World Archery in 2015.

The move comes after the organisation – which is based in the United States – assumed title sponsorship of the European stage of the 2013/14 Indoor Archery World Cup in Telford and supported national events in the Netherlands, USA, Britain, Italy and elsewhere over the past few years. 

Axcel Sight’s parent company celebrated its 20th anniversary of producing archery products after launching its first in 1995. The company owns a large portion of the States’ domestic archery market.

Over the last decade, with the introduction of compound target sights and marketing directed overseas, Axcel’s popularity has grown fast around the world. The introduction of successful recurve versions of the company’s sights were immediately well-received – and many top and recreational archers have adopted the exceptional equipment.

Axcel Sights President Gregory SUMMERS spoke recently about his experience at the London 2012 Olympic Games: “I visited with my family and watched the recurve men’s finals. I saw OH Jin Hyek take gold– and realised he was shooting one of our sights.”

“I didn’t know the Korean Olympic Champion was an Axcel archer until I saw it there in London!”

Axcel Sights is the first company to sign a partnership deal since the launch of World Archery’s new sponsorship programme, designed to offer organisations greater exposure around international events – and provide greater opportunity to support development activities at all levels.

Visit the Axcel Sights website. For more information on World Archery’s Sponsorship Programme, contact Marketing Coordinator Thomas AUBERT.