World Archery Congress elects a number of permanent committees, ad hoc committees and commissions to focus on the governance of certain areas of World Archery’s operations. International athletes also elect members to an Athletes Committee.


Boards are established to deal with specialised or sensitive tasks World Archery is required to undertake.

Anti-Doping Division

The Court for Arbitration for Sport’s Anti-Doping Division is responsible for adjudicating alleged anti-doping rule violations in archery to ensure independence in the case management process. This includes issuing any relevant sanctions.

The former three-member World Archery Anti-Doping Panel ceased to exist after the agreement was signed with the Court for Arbitration for Sport in 2019.


The World Archery Board of Justice and Ethics is elected by Congress to ensure that all members of the World Archery Family – individuals, member associations and elected World Archery officials – abide by the World Archery Rulebook and Code of Ethics and Conduct. Anti-doping violations fall under the responsibility of the Anti-Doping Panel.

Members of the World Archery Executive Board and presidents of World Archery member associations are ineligible for election to the Board of Justice and Ethics. Each member of the board is from a different member association, no member of the board may participate in a case that concerns their own member association – and the board elects one of its members to become chairperson.

Cases put to the Board of Justice and Ethics may be initiated by the World Archery President, the Executive Board, the Executive Committee or a member or continental association. Judges and juries of appeal may also lodge cases for tournaments within their jurisdiction. All available material is considered by the board to ensure a fair hearing for all parties concerned. The course of a case may include the requesting of witness statements, documentary evidence or anything else that might help the reaching of a fair conclusion.

The outcome of cases may result in the board proposing sanction or sanctions, via the Secretary General, to the Executive Board or, in the case of an elected officer of World Archery, to the next Congress for ratification.

Very few cases have ever been referred to the World Archery Board of Justice and Ethics thanks to the very high level of conduct within the World Archery Family – a record of fair play it is important to treasure and maintain.


  • Marty Swanson  (Chairperson, 2021)
  • Lee Dongmin  (Deputy Chairperson, 2021)
  • Ahmed Roushdy  (2021)
  • Guillermina Garcia Avila  (2021)
  • Jaan Lott  (2021)
  • Francesco Gnecchi-Ruscone (Honorary Chairperson)

Office liaison: Tom Dielen


The World Archery Finance and Audit Board reviews World Archery’s finances. Members have a financial qualification or relevant accounting or financial experience in the five years prior to their appointment by the World Archery Executive Board. The World Archery President appoints the chairperson of the board.

Members of the Finance and Audit Board review financial information necessary for Congress, Executive Board and Executive Committee meetings; income and expenditure accounts; quarterly management accounts and the annual budget before it is presented to the Executive Board. The board addresses other matters relating to finance and brings items to the Executive Board as it deems appropriate.


  • Rolf Lind (Chairperson, 2021)
  • Hilda Gibson (2021)
  • David Tan  (2021)

Office liaison: Caroline Murat

Electoral BOARD

The Electoral Board was introduced at the 2019 World Archery Congress in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. The role of the board will be to evaluate candidatures for elected positions within the federation.


  • Paul Paulsen (Chairperson, 2021)
  • Guo Bei (2021)
  • Kazi Rajib Uddin Ahmed Chapol (2021)

Office liaison: Siret Luik


Permanent committees are elected by Congress and their Chairpersons are appointed by the President. Each committee member is elected for a four-year term. If a member is unable to complete their elected term, the Executive Committee of World Archery appoints a new member to fill that position. Each permanent committee interprets questions submitted through the World Archery office by member associations or a member of the Executive Board, and proposes recommendations for rule or activity changes to the Executive Board.


The World Archery Athletes Committee represents the voice of international athletes within World Archery’s membership. Members must be active international athletes at their time of election.

Members of the Athletes Committee receive feedback from athletes and act upon them accordingly. They work closely with other committees and represent athletes within the World Archery Family. The Chairperson of the Athletes Committee sits on the World Archery Executive Board.


  • Naomi Folkard  (Chairperson, 2020)
  • So Chaewon  (Deputy Chairperson, 2021)
  • Sjef van den Berg  (2023)
  • Crystal Gauvin  (2023)
  • Reo Wilde  (2021)

Office liaison: Jenny Brugger


The World Archery Coaches Committee represents coaches and coaching interests within World Archery’s membership.

Members of the Coaches Committee work in close collaboration with other archery coaching committee around the world, assist member associations by making technical expertise available – both personnel and resources – and produce technical documentation on the training of athletes and coach education.

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  • Ki Sik Lee (Chairperson, 2023)
  • Goktug Ergin  (Deputy Chairperson, 2023)
  • Marcel van Apeldoorn  (2023)
  • Hana Majarova  (2021)
  • Oh Kyo Moon  (2021)

Office liaison: Thomas Aubert


The World Archery Constitution and Rules Committee manages the official World Archery Rulebook, including the organisation’s constititution.

Members of the Constitution and Rules Committee update the World Archery rulebook according to rule changes and bylaws following Congress and Executive Board meetings, clarify the wording of rules, correct mistakes and omissions and work to make the World Archery Rulebook easier to understand. The Constitution and Rules Committee often refers and reviews interpretations with other committees, verifying that they are in correct form and consistent with other decisions, and submits motions to Congress and Executive Board meetings to improve the World Archery Rulebook.


  • Mark Miller (Chairperson, 2023)
  • Alexandre Vecchio  (Deputy Chairperson, 2021)
  • Edith Stalter  (2023)
  • Derrick Lovell  (2023)
  • Li Xinping  (2021)
  • Klaus-Dietrich Schulz (Honorary Chairperson)

Office liaison: Siret Luik


The World Archery Field and 3D Archery Committee is responsible for matters relating to the disciplines of field and 3D archery within World Archery.

The Field and 3D Archery Committee reports to the Executive Board on all matters surrounding the disciplines, including the organisation of world championships and the field discipline at the World Games. Since 2008, technical delegates for these events have been appointed from the Field and 3D Archery Committee. Members of the committee are responsible for dealing with related interpretation and bylaw requests – and are tasked with promoting the disciplines in countries that do not regularly participate in this side of the sport.


  • Hannah Brown  (Chairperson, 2023)
  • Kristina Anna Reitmeier  (Deputy Chairperson, 2023)
  • Michel Daumas  (2023)
  • Wang Dawei  (2021)
  • Tyler Moore  (2021)

Office liaison: Thomas Aubert


The World Archery Judges Committee represents judges and judging interests within World Archery’s membership.

Members of the Judges Committee manage the education and accreditation of international judges – through seminars, case studies, communication, examination and evaluation – appoint judge commissions for World Archery events, issue regular newsletters and develop judging resources.

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  • Sergio Font Milian  (Chairperson, 2023)
  • Indranil Datta  (Deputy Chairperson, 2021)
  • Robert Erica  (2023)
  • Sabrina Steffens  (2023)
  • Graham Potts  (2021)

Office liaison: Séverine Deriaz


The World Archery Medical and Sport Sciences Committee is responsible for all medical and anti-doping matters. At least three members, including the chairperson, must be doctors of medicine.

Members of the Medical and Sport Sciences Committee encourage participation in archery as a safe and healthy sport, work to preserve the health of athletes by providing up-to-date medical information specific to archery – such as clean sport, injury prevention, sun protection, safe training and competition advice – and support various scientific studies.


  • Martin Bauer  (Chairperson, 2021)
  • Carlos Hermes (Deputy Chairperson, 2021)
  • Anne Smith  (2021)
  • Fiammetta Scarzella  (2023)
  • Meriem Hamrouche  (2023)
  • Emin Ergen MD  (Honorary Chairperson)

Office liaison: Siret Luik


The World Archery Para Archery Committee is responsible for matters relating to the discipline of para archery within World Archery. As well as the members elected at Congress, the Para Archery Committee also has a seat for the chairperson of the Para Archery Classification Ad Hoc Committee (non-elected) and works closely with a para athlete representative (elected by athletes).

Members of the Para Archery Committee advise on para archery rules, bylaws, definition and interpretations – particularly regarding divisions with high support needs – and recommend approval for the use of assistive devices in association with members of the Para Archery Classification Ad Hoc Committee. The Para Archery Committee coordinates promotion of para archery in nations with limited programmes, supports the organisation of world championships, and works closely with the Judges Committee and individual tournament judge commissions on the consistent application of rules relating to equipment and para athlete archery techniques.

One member of the Para Archery Committee represents World Archery to the International Paralympic Committee.

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  • Dominique Ohlmann  (Chairperson, 2021)
  • Pippa Britton  (Deputy Chairperson, 2023)
  • Nancy Littke  (2021)
  • Sheri Rhodes  (2021)
  • Roman Suda (Head of Classification, 2020)
  • Park Youngsook  (2023)
  • Eric Bennett  (Athlete Representative, 2023)
  • Ann Webb (Honorary Chairperson)

Office liaison: Siret Luik


The World Archery Target Archery Committee is responsible for matters relating to the disciplines of indoor and outdoor target archery within World Archery.

The Target Archery Committee reports to the Executive Board on all matters surrounding the disciplines, including the organisation of world championships. Members of the committee research and evaluate possible changes to target field layouts, scoring and timing procedures, tournament conduct and rules, tournament equipment, TV production and other relevant aspects. The committee produces guidelines for shooting and scoring and looks for ways to make competition more engaging to media and spectators.


  • Olivier Grillat  (Chairperson, 2023)
  • Andreas Lorenz  (Deputy Chaiperson, 2021)
  • Alan R. Wills  (2021)
  • Lee Eun Kyung  (2021)
  • Qu Yinan  (2023)

Office liaison: Thomas Aubert


The World Archery Technical Committee is responsible for matters related to athletes’ equipment. It is the oldest committee in World Archery’s governance structure.

Members of the Technical Committee inspect new technologies, designs and inventions to determine if a new or modified piece of equipment falls within the rules relating to athletes’ equipment for each of the shooting divisions in the World Archery Rulebook.


  • Don S. Rabska  (Chairperson, 2021)
  • Jonathan Shales  (Deputy Chairperson, 2021)
  • Kurt Nuenlist  (2021)
  • Chiu (Peter) Ping-Kun (2023)
  • Susanne Womersley (2023)

Office liaison: Siret Luik


Ad hoc committees are created by the Executive Board to fulfil specific tasks, duties or new initiatives as deemed appropriate. The World Archery President appoints the chairperson of each ad hoc committee.

Continental Games Working Group

With three of the five Olympic continents hosting regular Games – Asia, Americas and Europe – and regional multisport events growing in importance around the world, ensuring archery’s postitive contribution requires a unified direction. World Archery’s Continental Games Working Group includes one representative from each of the five continents and provides this strategic lead.


  • Um Sung-Ho (Chairperson)
  • Sergio Font Milian
  • Ahmed Koura
  • Patsy Vercoe
  • Alessandra Colasante

Office liaison: Pascal Colmaire

Gender Equity Committee

World Archery’s commitment to gender equity is a long-standing principle of the organisation, which was the first international federation to elect a female president and one of the first Olympic sports to have, firstly, female competition and, secondly, gender balance in Olympic quota places. World Archery also issues women’s awards at Congress to exceptional individuals and the member associations with the highest female representation at World Archery events.


  • Evelyn Papadopoulou  (Chairperson)
  • Yuko Okura  (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Irina Cecanova
  • Tabassum Anwar
  • Jean Pizarro 

Office liaison: Caroline Murat


The World Archery Para Archery Classification Committee is responsible for the classification of athletes into para archery competition categories according to the classification code.

Members of the Para Archery Classification Committee manage the training programme for international classifiers, educate and accredit existing classifiers and international classifier candidates. The committee coordinates revisions of the classification code with the Para Archery Committee, initiates or supports research and development programmes that lead to a better understanding of impairments and their effect on archery – and manages the classified athlete register.


  • Roman Suda (Chairperson, 2020)
  • Nancy Littke (2020)
  • Chiara Barbi (2020)
  • Lars Meiworm (2020)

Office liaison: Siret Luik

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is responsible to review salary levels and other remuneration of staff.


  • Prof Dr Ugur Erdener (Chairperson, 2021)
  • Mario Scarzella  (2021)
  • Rolf Lind  (2021)
  • Jenny Brugger  (Ex Officio Member, 2021)

Office liaison: Tom Dielen

Strategic Planning & good governance Committee

The World Archery Strategic Planning & Good Governance Committee is responsible for helping national archery federations improve their operations and the importance of the sport in their own countries.

As part of the second phase of the World Archery Plan, members of the Strategic Planning & Good Governance Committee help member federations to identify their strengths and weaknesses with the aim of supporting them feed the worldwide growth of the sport. The committee shares knowledge from other federations, adapts and presents tools and technologies, and encourages associations to work towards archery being more and more important as a sport within their own countries’ Olympic Committees.

The committee offers the encouragement and support necessary to take the small steps that make all the difference.


  • Vicente Martinez Orga (Chairperson)
  • Petteri Alahuhta 
  • Chiu (Peter) Ping-Kun
  • Sergio Font Milian
  • Lars Haue-Pedersen
  • Mohammad Ali Shojaei 

Office liaison: Siret Luik


Individuals appointed to coordinate other specialised areas of World Archery’s activities often have exceptional passion and expertise for the field.