Archery mourns loss of innovator Werner Beiter

28 November 2014
Lausanne (SUI)
The German inventor and founder of the archery equipment company Beiter died on Tuesday 25 November 2014 aged 75.

Born on 18 March 1939, Werner Beiter was a popular icon in archery worldwide thanks to his high-quality products and generous personality. He died on Tuesday 25 November 2014, aged 75.

An innovator in the field of micro plastic engineering, Werner applied precision techniques and developments from the fields of medical technology and electronics to the precision sport of archery, his passion.

The archery products he designed have been used by countless Olympic Champions and medallists, World and European champions, and have helped break many world records.

Werner, known for his commitment to finding perfection in equipment, constructed a popular archery training facility – the Werner and Iris Centre, named after his wife – and had particular passion for encouraging creative initiatives within the sport.

“We have lost a great inventor in archery,” said World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen.

World Archery awarded Werner Beiter the Golden Arrow for his contribution to the sport in 2009.

“Werner loved to solve archery problems. His fantastic work will continue through the work of his family, and especially through the athletes that use his equipment. Werner loved to compare the tuning of a bow to the tuning of a musical instrument. He has, in his own personal way, composed many great symphonies in archery.”

He trained as a master toolmaker and designer before founding his own plastic part design office and injection molding companies in 1968.

Over the decades that followed, Werner earned much recognition for his innovations in the field of micro plastic engineering, as his company became an industry leader in the production of parts for medical tools.

In 1985, after extensive research, design and development stages, Werner began producing archery components at the Beiter factory in Dauchingen. He used high-speed video to make refinements to his products and was the first to make the footage available both to the public and to elite athletes.

As well as the arrow nocks, plungers and stabilisers for which the company is now widely recognised, the Beiter company continues to produce a range of accessories for the sport, including clickers, scopes and tools to this day.

“World Archery and the wider Archery Family offers its sincere condolences to his wife Iris, his daughters Nicole and Simone and the entire family,” said Tom Dielen. “On a personal level, I want to thank Werner for his eternal inspiration, his friendship and great discussions.”

A memorial ceremony for Werner Beiter was held on 5 December 2014 in Dauchingen, Germany.