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UK to host Europe’s biggest indoor archery event in 2014

Next year’s European Archery Festival is set to bring the continent’s single largest archery event to Britain’s shores. The Telford International Centre –is preparing to host nearly 1,500 archers for the three-day long tournament, which will run on 24-26 January 2014. The European Archery Festival will serve as a replacement of Nîmes in 2014 and as part of the 2013/14 Indoor Archery World Cup.
The competition will replace Nîmes on the international calendar – and take its spot as the penultimate leg of the 2013/14 season Indoor World Cup – as the French town will be busy hosting the Indoor World Championships in 2014.   The Indoor World Cup calendar for 2013-2014 is therefore: Stage 1 - Marrakesh, 16-17 November 2013 Stage 2- Singapore, 8-9 December 2013 Stage 3 - Telford, 24-26 January 2014 Stage 4 and Final - Las Vegas, 7-9 February 2014   The 2014 European Archery Festival will follow a schedule that archers are familiar with. Qualification rounds will be held on the Friday and Saturday – followed by head-to-head matches beginning Saturday night, leading into finals on Sunday. The Second Chance Tournament, for those who don’t make the head-to-head cut, will take place before the finals matches kick off. The tournament will be open to all disciplines, and have a junior section. The total prize fund for the event is expected to be in excess of 25,000 euros.   A separate hall in the famous exhibition centre will host the most inclusive trade show ever to be seen in Europe. All the biggest names in archery are expected to attend, as well prominent manufacturers from the worlds of optics and clothing.   Competition manager Jon NOTT extends a welcoming invitation: “We know how to run tournaments – but that’s not enough. We’re already looking at ways to improve the event, the experience… give it that something extra across the board. We hope you’ll join us in 2014.”   Archery GB chairman Dave HARRISON added that “with members of the team who brought archery to life at Lord’s during London 2012 running the show, there’s no doubt that the high expectations placed on international events in Britain will be met, and exceeded”.   Entry is expected to open in the spring, with more information about the competition schedule, venue and trade show released over the coming months.   Keep up to date with any news by following the organisers’ website:   World Archery Communication