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World Archery renews representation agreement with Broadreach Media

World Archery has renewed its television rights representation agreement with Lausanne-based global niche-sports rights specialist, Broadreach Media, for the territories of India, subcontinental Asia and Russia.

The renewal represents the first extension of the initial deal signed between the two parties early this year.

In this region, India’s growing strength in archery yielded a haul of nine medals in World Archery major events in 2013, achieving medal-winning success in all four preliminary rounds and finals of this year’s World Archery Cup series.

Tom DIELEN, World Archery Secretary General, commented: "India is definitely a key market for archery in terms of participation across the country and strong results at the top level. Following on an extensive grass-root program for the last ten years, they have recently launched a national series of events that gave yet another boost for archery in the country. It is a market where we see a strong potential growth for archery on television and other media outlets. We have been pleased with the expert advice of Broadreach Media since we started our partnership and together we are looking forward to reaching new heights in India and other countries in the region."

Steven MORRIS, Director of Broadreach Media Europe, said: "Asian broadcasters, particularly those in India, are searching actively for additional sports properties to cricket, that the Indian public finds absorbing. A key factor of a sport’s engagement potential is its medal-winning success and hence, the emerging talent in India bodes well for World Archery’s continuing growth on the subcontinent."

The next World Archery major event will be the World Archery Indoor Championships in Nimes, France on 25 February 2014.

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Source: Broadreach Media