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Long-time staff member Didier MIEVILLE leaving World Archery

2 October 2014
Lausanne (SUI)
After nine intense years, TV and Marketing Director Didier MIEVILLE is set to leave World Archery to pursue new challenges

Didier MIEVILLE recently announced his intention to leave World Archery and that the Archery World Cup Final in Lausanne would be his last event.

“It has been a great nine years,” said MIEVILLE, who started his archery career in 2005 to help launch the sport’s international circuit. “It started with the 2006 edition of the World Cup and a Final at the Mayapan Pyramids in Mexico, which was probably one of the most challenging events one could organise.”

“It set the tone of iconic venues for archery.”

Nine years later, after Finals in Dubai, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Tokyo and Paris – to name a few – it is fitting that Didier’s last event is the World Cup Final in Lausanne.

“It could not finish in a better way. My hometown, and the hometown of World Archery.”

“During these nine years, we have raised the profile of archery considerably and I have been fortunate to work with some of the best people, the best team, I could ever wish. I would like to thank everyone for this.”

Before joining World Archery, Didier had experience at the International Gymnastics Federation and was known to be keen on hockey.

“Archery is a sport that offers breath-taking matches at world class events. It is also a sport accessible to everyone who wants to have some fun shooting some arrows.”

“As a community, World Archery is hard-working, forward-thinking and blessed with athletes that have taken advantage of new, exceptional competition ideas and venues – and organisers that work together to improve archery’s standing as a major sport.”

“I wish everyone to continue with the same dedication and love of this wonderful sport: a sport I have discovered and truly enjoyed during these last nine years.”

A true Swiss and proud of his home, Didier MIEVILLE will become Director of the “La Côte” tourism office, the region between Lausanne and Geneva, as of October.

“Didier has been an integral part of World Archery’s growth over the last decade. He is a true team player who has always strived for better,” said World Archery Secretary General Tom DIELEN. “We understand that he now wishes to spend more time at home and explore new challenges.”

“On behalf of the entire World Archery Family, we would like to thank him for his contributions and wish him the best of luck in his new career.”

All TV and marketing enquiries should be directed to World Archery Secretary General Tom DIELEN ( until further notice.