Polish Women Upset Germany to Make Final Four

4 March 2016
Ankara (TUR)
After qualifying eighth, the Polish recurve women’s team shocked favourites Germany before qualifying for the gold final.

The eighth seeded recurve women’s team in Ankara, Poland upset the brackets to secure a gold medal match berth. Karina Lipiarska-Palka, Natalia Lesniak and Wioleta Myszor upset the top ranked German trio in the quarterfinals to spring themselves into the final four.

Before that, it was a quick, 5-1, dispatch of Belarus in the first round.

Then Lisa Unruh, Karina Winter and Veronika Haidn Tschalova, the challenge of the day for the Polish women, lined-up opposite on the shooting line.

Leading at 4-0, Poland let Germany back into the match. Unruh, Winter and Tschalova caught up, drawing the match at four-each, and the match went to a tiebreaker.

“Our start in the quarterfinals was weak, but we managed to catch-up,” said Unruh.

“They mobilised themselves,” added Natalia. “It wasn’t easy to shoot with the Germans, because we were well aware that they had qualified top, but luckily ours was a new match and everybody gets to start from zero.”

Poland put in a single nine, Germany two; Winter shot 10, while Unruh and Tschalova went wide.

“We definitely had some luck in the competition against the Germans,” said Natalia Lesniak. “After all, we finished 29-28.”

Poland moved on to a semifinal against Georgia, where they lost the first set, then won the following three to take a 6-2 victory and qualify for the gold medal match.

On Saturday, Lipiarska-Palka, Lesniak and Wioleta compete against Tomomi Sugimoto, Kaori Kawanaka and Rina Sugibayasi. The Japanese group knocked out defending outdoor World Archery Champion Russia, 5-1, in the semifinals.

“Two years ago in Nimes we won bronze, silver is guaranteed at this world championships in Ankara – and that’s one step higher already. I think we’re on the right track,” said Lesniak.