AXCEL Sights partnership expands to include T.R.U. Ball

11 April 2016
Lausanne (SUI)
T.R.U. Ball is known for promoting elite athletes, not least through its signature series of compound release aids

Tomorrow’s Resources Unlimited, Inc, the company behind AXCEL Sights and T.R.U. Ball Releases, is a family-owned business founded in 1995 in Virgina, USA, manufacturing high-quality archery accessories, including recurve and compound bow sights and compound release aids.

The popularity of the company’s products has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, both domestically and worldwide, particularly in Europe and Asia.

Known for involving world-class archers in developing new equipment, T.R.U. Ball has partnered with both Reo Wilde and Jesse Broadwater to design and produce signature series release aids.

Since visiting London 2012, and witnessing top Korean athlete Oh Jin Hyek win an Olympic gold medal with an AXCEL Sight, Tomorrows’ Resources Unlimited, Inc has become a strong supporter of archery events at both the national and international levels.

From the Indoor Archery World Cup stage held in Telford in 2014 to the Dutch Nationals, plus top circuits in the USA, the company is committed to recognising and rewarding the elite performances of athletes around the globe.

T.R.U. Ball and AXCEL will both support World Archery as a partner and an equipment provider through 2016, and work with the international federation to produce educational content for social channels.

As part of the agreement, Tomorrow’s Resources Unlimited receives the right to use World Archery’s logo and a combined logo in its promotions, access to World Archery media catalogues, event branding and advertising on live streams and in-venue video production at Hyundai Archery World Cup and World Archery Championship events, and promotion through World Archery publications.

World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen said: “AXCEL Sights and T.R.U. Ball Release Aids have quickly been established as world-leading brands in archery manufacturing. The company’s focus on excellence in its products and proactivity in promoting elite athletes is a key example of the approach that key players in the archery industry can take to help grow the sport. World Archery is proud to have the support of both brands for the upcoming season.”

Tomorrow’s Resources Unlimited, Inc President Gregory Summers said: “Tomorrow’s Resources Unlimited, Inc, the manufacturer of T.R.U. Ball Release Aids and AXCEL Sights is proud to renew its sponsorship of World Archery in 2016.”

“It is evident that World Archery is the premiere international organisation that is growing archery through fostering strong partnerships with national member associations, supporting athletes at all levels, producing professional television coverage and social media marketing, and organising superior tournaments in the world’s most epic locations.

“We hope that our sponsorship encourages other archery manufacturers to support World Archery at the highest levels.”