President attends World Archery Europe Congress

23 May 2016
Nottingham (GBR)
The 15th World Archery Europe Congress was held in Nottingham on 22 May 2016 before the European Archery Championships and the last of five continental qualifiers for Rio 2016.

To open Congress, World Archery Europe President Mario Scarzella presented both World Archery President and IOC Executive Board Member Prof Dr Ugur Erdener and World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen with a commemorative trophy marking their key role in the continued growth of archery around the world.

Prof Dr Erdener gave a speech emphasising that World Archery Europe, as the biggest continental organisation of World Archery, had to keep looking towards the future and focus on implementing strategic plans in national federations for 2020 and beyond. He also underlined the need for good governance and clean sport.

Congress delegates then renewed a number of positions on World Archery Europe’s Executive Board and Commissions.

Vice President Vladimir Esheev, as well as Board Members Philippe Bouclet, Rolf Lind, Thierry Zintz and Trudy Medwed finished their terms in 2016.

World Archery Europe elected Vladimir Esheev to the role of First Vice President, and Dominique Ohlmann and Hilda Gibson as Board Members for four years, while reappointing Rolf Lind and Vicente Martinez-Orga for two years.

Newly Elected Commissions

  • 3D & Field Committee: Stefano Tombesi , Karin Hannu  and Helmut Poell
  • Junior Development Committee: Paola Bertone , Irena Rosa and Gullimar Akerlund 
  • Judges Committee: Luca Stucchi , Jean Martens and Klaus Lykkebaek
  • Development and Technical Committee: Bettina Kratzmueller , Patrik Lebeau and Evelyn Papadopoulou

Everything is now set in Nottingham for the European Championships, which run from 23 to 29 May in the land of Robin Hood. The 2016 event marks the second time the European Archery Championships has been held in Great Britain. The first was in 1978 in the historic town of Stoneleigh, near Coventry.

Qualification and elimination for the 2016 Championships take place at The University of Nottingham’s Highfields grounds until 27 May, the day of the continental qualifying tournament of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The finals are hosted in the heart of the city in Nottingham’s Old Market Square on 28/29 May, in front of Nottingham Council House, a building listed for its historical significance.

Tickets can be purchased on the event website.

In total, 295 archers from 44 countries compete in Nottingham, 40 of which will be in the running to win places one of the six available places – three men’s and three women’s – to the Olympics.

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