Ku Bonchan: Medals make me happy

Top tips, advice and insight from the world’s best international archers.

Want to see inside the mind of an international archery athlete? We’ll be asking some of the world’s best for advice, expertise and an idea of their approach to the sport. 

This time, double Olympic Champion at Rio 2016 and world number one recurve man Ku Bonchan answers our questions…

1. Your advice to beginner archers

I want to tell them just enjoy it!

To become a good archer, you have to have self-confidence. I always try to meditate to myself on something, like: ‘Do my best at every moment and every day on training.’

When things are going bad, I try to control my mind to forget the mistakes I’ve made.

2. Why do you compete?

The medals. It makes me happy tp see them piling up one by one!

To become a national athlete and be selected in the national team is tough in Korea as there are many great archers here. So I compete with them in order to get the Korean flag on my chest and wear the team shirt.

3. Who’s your favourite person to shoot with?

Oh Jin Hyek. He is a great archer, and I admire him because he is a person from whom I’ve learned many things.

4. A way to reboot your energy

I eat… especially beef.

5. How do you deal with distraction?

I run through my shooting techinque, the process – from the very start until the end – in my mind, and when I shoot.

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