Beijing 2017: Official competition categories notice

Some divisions received insufficient numbers of registrations.

The visually impaired individual and team, and women’s W1 team categories will not be awarded at the Beijing 2017 World Archery Para Championships due to rules on minimum entry requirements for ratification as a world championship-awarding category.

Rule 3.7.4 states: “A World Championship shall not be held for any category for which preliminary entries reflect fewer than 12 individuals and six teams. For the youth and para archery categories, the minimum numbers shall be eight individuals and four teams.”

The women’s W1 team received two preliminary entries.

Visually impaired 1 received three preliminary entries and visually impaired 2/3 received six.

Under the current rules, combining categories is not permitted. The events will be removed from the programme and the member associations that registered athletes will be informed.

A total of 14 medal competitions will be held as part of the Beijing 2017 World Archery Para Championships, with particularly-encouraging growth in the W1 divisions.