Noziglia top-seeded barebow woman; Gutman 2nd after shoot-off

26 July 2017
Wroclaw (POL)
Tina Gutman and Lina Bjorklund went to a tiebreaker after tying on points during qualifying.

Italian barebow archer Cinzia Noziglia won the women’s ranking round at the 2017 World Games by 20 points – shooting a total of 328 for the 12 unmarked, 12 marked targets – in Wroclaw, Poland.

“This was not an expected result and I’m very happy,” said Cinzia. “I tried only to shoot as I know how.”

Slovenia’s Tina Gutman and defending World Games Champion Lina Bjorklund were tied in second on 308 points after the 24 targets, and needed a single-arrow shoot-off to decide who would take the second available space in the semifinals.

On the long shot over the lake used as the final target in the Wroclaw medal matches, Lina shot first – but missed.

“We’ve tried to analyse it and we think the centre serving was too slippery. When she predrew, the tab slipped up about a centimetre, up against the nock,” explained Lina’s Swedish teammate Martin Ottosson.

The arrow did fly high.

“It has happened before, so it’s not the first time,” added Lina – who said they’d be serving a new string before the matches.

Tina’s two was enough to win the tiebreaker and take the second seed.

“It’s a relief, of course – but I was lucky, because she shot a bad shot,” said Gutman. “Winning with a two is not normal!”

“I am relieved because I have never shot matches before. I will try it in the show match and hope I will win one later when necessary.”

“I’m really happy I came in the first two; it’s the first time for me.”

The barebow field archery competitions at the 2017 World Games run 26-28 July in Wroclaw, Poland.