Schloesser pips Hansen, Gellenthien to Berlin pole

9 August 2017
Berlin (GER)
The top score over the compound men’s ranking round was 711.

Dutch world number two Mike Schloesser scored 711 out of a possible 720 points to top the compound men’s ranking round at stage four of the Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit in Berlin. Stephan Hansen was second with 710, Braden Gellenthien third on 709 points.

“It’s nice because all the hard work I’m putting into my archery lately is paying off. And also because it’s the last stage, and I want to get some points for the World Cup Final,” said Schloesser, who likely secures his place in Rome with this top-eight bye.

“Every shot I took was feeling better and better. I’m not a morning person at all. People who know me can relate to that. It’s difficult for me to wake up in the morning and feel good.”

Braden and Mike were tied heading into the final end of the ranking round, then the former dropped three arrows low – in the nine – to allow reigning World Archery Champion Stephan to jump ahead with a perfect six shots to finish.

Schloesser kept his cool, shot 59 for his last six, and held the lead.

“I knew I was having a good day and normally when I have a good day things work out. That last end, I’ve gotta be honest, I got a little nervous and had some jitters,” said Gellenthien, who shot a season best. “I shot a 57, which wasn’t my best end, but overall I’m really happy on the day.”

“It’s always nice to set a yearly-PB at a World Archery event.”

Hansen had the highest X-count on the field.

“It was either X or nine I guess. I started really good, I started with 17 Xs on the first 24 arrows or something. It was just rolling; I felt good, no nerves at any point,” he said.

“I just started not showing enough in my shot when it got a little windy – which was nothing – but I just didn’t think enough. It was fine.”

Steve Anderson, Reo Wilde, Abhishek Verma, Anton Bulaev and Nico Wiener rounded out the top eight. 

Wilde was down in 17th at the halfway point but scored top of the compound men’s field over the back 36 arrows to drag his seeding up into single digits.

The fourth stage of the 2017 Hyundai Archery World Cup runs 8 to 13 August in Berlin, Germany.