Kim Woojin breaks 90 metre world record

15 September 2017
Yecheon (KOR)
The two-time World Champion now owns four of the six outdoor world bests.

Recently-crowned 2017 Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion Kim Woojin has scored 343 out of a possible 360 points for 36 arrows on a 122cm target face at 90 metres, according to reports from the Korean All-Star Tournament in Yecheon.

Subject to ratification, it is a new world record by a point.

“It was amazing; I surprised myself,” said the recurve men’s world number one. “If I would have to shoot it again, I’m not confident I’d be able to do it!”

“Compared to 70 metres, 90 metres feels so much further. I have to concentrate so much more because the smallest mistake on the shooting line makes a huge difference at the target. It’s much harder.”

All 36-arrow world records must be set as part of a full 1440 Round (90, 70, 50 and 30 metres for men).

The previous world-best at 90 metres was 342 points, owned by London 2012 Olympic Champion and Woojin’s Korean teammate Oh Jin Hyek.

At 25 years of age, Kim Woojin now owns four of the six available recurve men’s outdoor world records: 343/360 at 90 metres, 360 26X at 30 metres, 1391/1440 on the 1440 Round and 700/720 for the 72-arrow ranking round.

(The two missing are 36 arrows at 70 and 50 metres.)

“I would not say that I am the best archer, I believe that I am just a lucky athlete. I just want to be an archer who does his best when he gets the chance,” added Woojin.

With two World Archery Champion titles already (2011 and 2015), and the 2017 worlds fast approaching in Mexico City in October, one of the most consistent archers in recent history shows no sign of slowing down.