6 world records fall during Rosario ranking round

3 October 2017
Rosario (ARG)
Korea and the USA broke three each; five team, one individual.

Korean recurve cadet woman An San scored 686 out of a possible 720 points for the 72-arrow 60-metre ranking round to break fellow Korean Lee Eun Gyeong’s world record by five at the 2017 World Archery Youth Championships in Rosario, Argentina.

“I’m surprised and excited to have shot a new world record because I was not focusing on it at all, I didn’t have it on my mind,” said An. “I was focusing on the wind to make good shots which I think worked well because we also shot a team world record!”

Both the Korean recurve cadet women’s and men’s squads also broke qualification records.

Halfway through the round, 16-year-old An San was 10 points ahead of her field with 344 points – a scored she increased by a further two with 342 for the second half.

Chinese Taipei’s Su Szu-Ping (674) seeded second and An’s teammate Jeon Wanseo (671) third. 

“This 686 is a good score and I’m satisfied with it, but I can for sure shoot better than that if I continue to work on my mental training,” added An.

According to an insider in the Korean team, the Rosario top seed is considered one of the rising stars by coaches domestically.

Kim Pil-Joong was the top seeded recurve cadet man with 698 points, 17 more than teammate Yong Hyeokjung on 681. China’s Zhang Chengming was third with 680.

“I’m glad to finish on top; I’m happy and I feel confident ahead of the elimination matches as I believe that the game is all in your mind. If your mind works well, your body does, too,” said Kim. 

“I tried to break the world record but it wasn’t enough. There will be more chances.”

Kim Pil-Joong, Seo Mingi and Yong Hyeokjung shot 2055 points, improving the recurve cadet men’s team world record by 61 points.

An San, Jeon Wanseo and Park Sohui scored 2019 to beat the women’s mark by 38.


Cassidy Cox on her team’s 2042-point qualification:

“There have been so many great teams who have shot at youth worlds so it is cool to know that we shot well enough to set a record.”

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Ethan Merrill on the fact that five compound cadet men’s teams beat the ranking round world record in Rosario:

“It’s pretty crazy. All these teams just keep getting better and I think it’s great that we’re up there with them.”

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The 2017 World Archery Youth Championships run 2 to 10 October in Rosario, Argentina.