You can’t be satisfied with silver or bronze, says Anderson

17 October 2017
Mexico City (MEX)
Steve won bronze at the 2017 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in Rome.

Steve “Big Cat” Anderson became World Archery Field Champion at the end of 2016 and climbed the international podium a total of five times this outdoor season.

He finished seventh in Shanghai, second in Antalya, ninth in Salt Lake City and fourth in Berlin – qualifying him to his first Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in Rome, at which he took bronze.

Surely, then, Steve was satisfied with his best season to date?

“No,” he said. “You can’t be satisfied with silver or bronze, it’s gold only. If you’re satisfied with that, I’ll say that you’re a loser because if you lose and you’re satisfied with it, you lose some competitive fire.”

Over the compound men’s ranking round at the 2017 Hyundai World Archery Championships in Mexico City, the last major tournament of the outdoor season, Anderson scored 702 out of a possible 720 points to rank 21st.

Not getting a place in the top eight and a first round bye, he’ll now have to shoot (and win) the full six head-to-head matches to make a final in Mexico City.

If the brackets fall right, Steve might end up shooting against teammate and 2017 Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion Braden Gellenthien in the fourth round. The same Gellenthien that he lost to in the semifinals of the tournament in Rome.

And if it’s Anderson’s day in Mexico – then there’s likely world number one and reigning World Archery Champion Stephan Hansen on the horizon.

“We shot everything the last year. It’s been him and I. Every time I’ve been in a gold medal match or in a final, it’s been Stephan," he said. "I’m expecting it to be him again."

Steve is an international archer, a husband to Mexico’s Linda Ochoa, and an employee at Easton Archery.

“It can be hard to not burn out, so I think it’s important to find other things to do when you do have some time off. I go fishing, play some golf and try to stay prepared when events do come around,” he said.

With a (short) offseason looming, some rest and relaxation would be welcome for many of the archers on the line in Mexico City.

But there are world titles to contest first.

“It’s been a really long season. I have had a really successful season from start to finish, so if I can finish off with the win here, it would be all could ever ask for. I’ll try to do my best and shoot my best and if the chips fall on my favour, it’s all I can ask,” said Anderson.

“A win would make 2017 the dream year for me.”


Why did you start archery? “I started archery when I was younger to bow hunt, then didn’t do much of that and ended up in target archery.”

Favourite archery person? Not named Linda Ochoa? Den Habjan from Slovenia.

One book? “I used to be really into Louis L'Amour. He writes western novels. I used to read a lot of those."

Favourite food? Pizza.”

Favourite city? “Singapore.”

Best achievement to date? "World Field Champion."

The one missing?Vegas Champion!”

The 2017 World Archery Championships run 15-22 October in Mexico City, Mexico.