Mora on making a world championship debut at 16

25 October 2017
Mexico City (MEX)
Luis Daniel was the youngest man in Mexico City.

Stepping onto the line at a world championships is not an easy experience and there’s always going to be nerves.

Stepping onto the line at a world championships, with it being your first world-level international event and at only 16 years of age has to be even harder – and that’s exactly what Costa Rica’s Luis Daniel Mora did in Mexico City.

“Most of the archers shoot really well. I quickly realised where I was and that there was no need for the nerves,” said Mora. 

“I started to enjoy it, to give my best and to shoot a good score to prove what I’m capable of.”

Mora scored 634 out of a possible 720 points for his ranking round, seeding 99th. He was drawn against rank 14, Russia’s Alexander Dambaev, in the first round.

Dambaev took the match, 148-138, but Luis Daniel thought he could have done more.

“I wanted to beat my personal best, but I’m aware that was going to be difficult,” he said.

His first World Archery Championships complete, Mora reflected on an experience to meet archers he’d only ever watched on YouTube before:

“This tournament will help me grow more, will help me to train harder and give my best. I know one day I’ll be a good archer, a world champion.”

“I’m very happy, proud and thankful to my country for giving me the chance to try it here and give my best. Being able to compete with the best in the world is good.”

“In future I might be like them.”

The 2017 Hyundai World Archery Championships ran 15-22 October in Mexico City, Mexico.