French compound men win bronze medal in Shanghai

3 May 2018
Shanghai (CHN)
The team finished the medal match on a nine-to-win, with Jean Philippe Boulch shooting a 10.

France’s Sebastien Peineau, Pierre-Julien Deloche and  Jean-Philippe Boulch won the compound men’s bronze medal match over India at the first stage of the 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Shanghai, China.

A season’s first outdoor medal for the nation and also a first podium for new national coach Sebastien Brasseur, who was a former member of the squad.

“Starting the season like this is always excellent for what will follow,” Deloche said. “It's good for confidence and the cohesion of the team, though the configuration may have different names.”

Despite facing difficulties in the qualification phase due to late arrival caused by a cancelled flight, the French compounders seeded third totalling 2102 points out of a possible 2160.

“It's the season start that we hoped for,” added Peineau. “There was excellent cohesion between the six of us – even with Fabien [Delobelle] who was not in the team event, our coach Sebastien Brasseur and Sophie Dodemont [compound woman].”

After defeating Indonesia and the Netherlands in the first two matches, the French trio lost to the US team in the semifinals. 

Tied after one end in a bronze medal showdown with India, France took a one-point lead over the next two, a small advantage they managed to hold up until the last arrow, when Boulch was left with a nine-to-win shot. 

The 26-year-old Frenchman posted a perfect 10 to secure a 234-232 victory and bronze.

“I was keen to do well after the qualifications and eliminations, and they [PJ and Seb] carried me there and I thank them,” Jean-Philippe said.

In the gold medal match, USA took over Korea, 236-235.

The first stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup took place in Shanghai, China on 23-29 April; the second stage starts in Antalya, Turkey on 20 May.