Lopez says women’s 900-point shootdown likely after second clean day in Vegas

10 February 2019
Las Vegas, USA
Four women did not drop a point over the first two days of competition.

Sara Lopez has tipped the compound championship women’s competition to go to a shootdown of 900-point scorers after she and three other women posted a second day of clean scores at the Vegas Shoot in 2019.

Lopez, So Chaewon, Sarah Prieels and Choi Bomin shot 300-point rounds on day one and day two of the event.

“The two Korean girls are just so mentally strong and Sarah Prieels, she’s won Vegas before,” said Lopez. “We’re thinking about it differently. We don’t put pressure on ourselves. Vegas is so hard and so easy at the same time. If you think about the easy part, it becomes easy.”

Cassidy Cox, Lexi Keller and Alejandra Usquiano didn’t drop a point on day one but all shot less-than-perfect rounds on day two.

Vegas has seen three compound women shoot 900 rounds in its history. The first was Mary Hamm in 2004, the second Sarah Lance in 2014 and the most recent was Tanja Jensen in 2017. There have been shootdowns to decide the top women’s prizes, but the three 900-point shooters have always previously won outright.

The compound championship open shootdown at this largest Vegas ever is also shaping up to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, in the event’s history.

Seventy men shot clean 300-point rounds on day one and only 36 of those dropped a point on day two, leaving 34 in the hunt for the perfect round in Vegas and a spot on the shootdown line.

Min Byeongyeon and Sim Yeji lead the recurve championship events after 60 arrows.

The end of the second day at the Vegas Shoot marks the end of the fifth stage of the Indoor Archery World Series.

Archers in the top 16 of the series’ elite ranking after the stage, who have also attended at least three of the tour’s events, have been invited to compete in the Indoor Archery World Series Finals that take place during the evening in Vegas.

The gold medal matches from the Indoor Archery World Series Finals will be live streamed on World Archery’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The Vegas Shoot is the fifth stage and hosts the final of the 2019 Indoor Archery World Series.