Korea breaks mixed team ranking record as Lee, Choi lead Shanghai qualification

7 May 2019
Shanghai, China
The top seeds in all five recurve events went to Korean archers.

Korea’s Lee Woo Seok and Choi Misun raised the recurve mixed team ranking round record by four points after scoring 688 and 680, respectively, over qualification at the second stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Shanghai, China.

“I hadn’t realised we’d broken the world record. It’s good to break it, I’m happy, but this is just the start of the competition. The eliminations are more important,” said Misun.

Woo Seok, who lost the final at the opening event only nine days ago, said the lessons learned in Medellin had put him in a better position to perform here at event number two. “I’m very satisfied with my score today,” he added.

The only other archer to break 680 points was their teammate, Kim Woojin, on 683. 

Sjef van den Berg finished third over the recurve men’s ranking round and Brady Ellison fourth, both with 679. Lee Seungyun, Khairul Anuar Mohamad, Takaharu Furukawa and Mete Gazoz rounded out the top eight.

Led by Misun, the Koreans took the top three seeds in the women’s event. Olympic Champion Chang Hye Jin seeded second with 671 points, Kang Chae Young third on 669.

Tan Ya-Ting, Bryony Pitman, Lei Chien-Ying, Meng Fanxu and Sugimoto Tomomi completed the recurve women’s top eight.

Korea ranked first in the recurve men’s and recurve women’s team competitions, making it a clean sweep of the five recurve top seeds in Shanghai.

The second stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup takes place in Shanghai, China on 6-12 May.