World #1 Mike Schloesser seeds top at his second stage of the season

21 May 2019
Antalya, Turkey
The Dutch archer has already qualified for the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final.

Medellin stage winner Mike Schloesser led the compound men’s ranking round in Antalya with 713 out of a possible 720 points, taking his second pole position of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup season.

“I made really good shots today and that helped me. If you make good shots, even if it’s windy, you’ll be lucky to catch some 10s – rather than nines,” said Mike.

Conditions during the first half of qualification were still and the Dutchman took advantage, dropping just a single point over 36 arrows.

Although wind started to affect the field, Mike dealt with conditions better than his opponents and opened up a seven-point lead entering the final end of the 72-arrow round.

Schloesser’s last six shots were his worst – 56 points - but he’d built a big enough advantage that it didn’t matter.

“I’m disappointed in my last end. That was just unnecessary. But the rest, I’m happy with,” he said. “I was shooting so good today, if the conditions were just a little bit better I would have broken the world record – or at least been close to it.”

Fourth seed Braden Gellenthien, who holds the record at 718 points, agreed. At halfway and with Mike on 359 out of 360 points, it looked plausible.

“He had such a high X-count he was really hitting the middle, I thought he was going to make a run at it for sure,” said Braden.

Schloesser and Gellenthien are already qualified for the Moscow 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final after winning the opening two legs in Medellin and Shanghai. A second win in Antalya for either would be a bonus.

“I just want to keep my form,” said Mike. “We have our world championships in two, three weeks. If I can keep this form I will definitely be a contender to go for one of the medals.”

Stephan Hansen seeded second in Antalya with 710 points and South African archer Reuben Brent-Meek came in third. Reuben, Braden, Kris Schaff, Daniel Munoz and James Lutz all scored 708.

It is Hansen’s first circuit event of the season; he spent the last couple of months shooting 3D tournaments in the USA. He said he’s still practising 50 metres: “I shot a 58 at the start, just a little nervous, new competition kinda thing. But my second half was fairly good. I was stable.”

Rajat Chauhan won a three-way shoot-off with Chen Chieh-Lun and Martin Damsbo – who tied on 707 – for the eighth spot and that last bye into the third round.

A total of 32 compound men scored 700 or more points for the 72-arrow 50-metre ranking round. (At Antalya 2016, there was 39.) 

Two youth world records were set on the women’s end of the line during qualification.

The third stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup takes place on 20-26 May in Antalya, Turkey.