Chinese Taipei Olympic trials for Tokyo cut to top eights after second phase

27 December 2019
Taipei City, Chinese Taipei
Chinese Taipei has won three team medals – one silver and two bronze – in the history of the Olympic Games.

The number of archers taking part in Olympic trials in Chinese Taipei has been cut in half following the second phase of selections on 24-27 December. Eight athletes of each gender are competing for three men’s and two women’s places.

Lei Chien-Ying was named to the squad for Tokyo 2020 early having won the Hyundai World Archery Championships in 2019.

More than 120 archers – 76 men and 52 women – began the process. The top 16 recurve men and 16 recurve women qualified for a second stage of trials. The remaining eight of each gender will shoot in a final phase on 14-16 January 2020.

Tang Chih-Chun leads 2017 world silver medallist Wei Chun-Heng in the men’s selections.

Top of the women’s trials is 26-year-old Lin Chia-En, who returned to the international squad in 2019 after a two-year hiatus. Tan Ya-Ting and Lin Shih-Chia, who won Olympic bronze with world champion Lei at Rio 2016, remain in the running.

“I think whoever wins in these nerve-wracking situations will be a good team member and I believe the whole team will do their very best at the Olympic Games in Tokyo,” said Lei after the first selection event.

The third and final phase of the trials consists of round-robin matchplay.

Taipei trials for 2020: last eights

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Recurve men

Recurve women

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The archery competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games begin on 24 July.