Im Dong Hyun eliminated from Korean squad for first time in nearly two decades

18 June 2020
Gwangju, Korea
Korea will restart its selection process for Tokyo 2020 in September.

Im Dong Hyun has been eliminated from trials for the Korean national squad for the first time since 2002.

The three-time Olympic medallist had held a spot for 18 consecutive years.

Im, who won the World Archery Championships in 2007 and 2017, posted a cryptic message on social media that suggested he might be retiring. The 34-year-old quickly confirmed through the Korea Archery Association that this would not be the case.

Korean trials restarted this week in Gwangju after they were interrupted in April due to restrictions imposed to counteract the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recurve squad for 2020 will be announced on Friday. The compound team has already been selected.

Choi Yonghee, Kim Jongho, Yang Jaewon, Kim Gwangseop, Kim Yunhee, So Chaewon, Seol Dayeong and Cho Suah will represent Korea at any international events held this year.

These trials, which were initially intended to select the team for Tokyo 2020, will now have no bearing on the Olympic squad.

A new selection process for the Games will begin in September.

Olympic Champions Chang Hye Jin, Ki Bo Bae and Ku Bonchan – who had all already been eliminated this year – and Im will be able to take part.

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