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Flash Quotes from the Medal Press Conferences

Comments from Michele FRANGILLI (ITA), Mauro NESPOLI (ITA) and Marco GALIAZZO (ITA) during the gold medal media conference. 
Comments from Michele FRANGILLI (ITA), Mauro NESPOLI (ITA) and Marco GALIAZZO (ITA) during the gold medal media conference.   Michele FRANGILLI (ITA) – gold   On shooting the final arrow and scoring 10 to win the gold medal for Italy:
"I have been chasing this medal for 16 years and the arrow at the 10, that was a dream. I knew I had to score 10 after Marco's (GALIAZZO) eight." "I could feel the noise of the crowd and I didn't have enough time. I don't know how I did it, I just emptied my mind and found the technique."   On the celebration plans:
"I don't know yet, me and the guys haven't even had time to call our wives. Tomorrow is a rest day and we will continue to prepare for our individual competitions but it will be hard."   Mauro NESPOLI (ITA) – gold   On whether this made up for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, where he scored a seven and Italy lost the gold medal match:
"This was a way to redeem myself. We found the correct technique and I knew Michele (FRANGILLI) was last." "I tried to give him the strength I had missed in Beijing and he was really self-assured. He even called 10 before it hit the target."   Marco GALIAZZO (ITA) – gold   On what his gold medal means:
"The team gold medal is the one I was missing from my collection. We were looking for it so much."   Comments from Brady ELLISON (USA), Jake KAMINSKI (USA), and Jacob WUKIE (USA) at the gold medal match media conference.   Brady ELLISON (USA) – silver   On the role of Coach LEE Kisik (KOR):
"Coach LEE came in and totally restructured what Team USA did. It took us a while to get our heads around what he was doing, but in the last three and four years all the people on this team have been his students."   Comments on the rise of archery in the USA:
"The movies have really raised the profile of archery and the media does a great job of keeping people interested."   Jake KAMINSKI (USA) – silver   On the wind:
"The wind plays a total factor in how we shoot. In the morning, when we were practising on the Nursery Ground, the wind was different and even different between the targets." "Then the wind is different for the practice targets at the competition. In the first match, against Japan, they shot before us and knew how to anticipate the wind. We shot well, then the wind came up."   Jacob WUKIE (USA) – silver   On the rise of archery in the USA:
"Coach LEE (KOR) has had a big effect on our development, and invested a lot of time in developing our technique."   On the USA team environment:
"We have lived and trained together for a number of years and have developed a camaraderie over the years. By the time we come to compete, we have already done the hard work."   Comments from IM Dong Hyun (KOR) and coach OH Seon-tek (KOR) in the bronze medal match media conference.   IM Dong Hyun (KOR) – bronze   On his eyesight problem that was defined in the media as 'legally blind':
"I think there was a lot of misunderstandings on that subject, I am glad to correct in front of the media that I am just long-sighted and even though there are some problems like reading books, as for archery, I have never had any difficulties." "If I was legally blind in any way, I think I would have run for the Paralympics. I wouldn't have gone through all these troubles to be in the Olympics so I think it is a silly question to ask."   OH Seon-Tek (KOR) – coach   On why did they not do as well as they did in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games:
"I do not think the competition today was bad, we were the only ones to shoot over 225 and it was only with the American team that we were bad but in a tournament, one mistake could ruin everything. Our play wasn't bad at all compared to the American team who shot below 225 in each match."   On why they did so well on the ranking round:
"The direction of the wind was very uneven today but yesterday, it was in one direction and it had no sun, just a little bit of rain, which we call it 'the record-breaking weather'."   Source: ONS Edited by World Archery Communication