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Two Mexican female archers in quarterfinal

Mexico's Aida Roman and Mariana Avitia are aiming to win the first archery Olympic medal for their country.

The Korean favourites are still in the race for a second gold medal after their victory in the team event last Sunday. They will face tough contenders, however, among which Aida Roman and Mariana Avitia .

Lee Sung Jin  and Ki Bo Bae  were both untroubled in their 1/8 elimination matches against Bishindee Urantungalag  and Ren Hayakawa  on Thursday morning.

The third Korean Choi Hyeonju  was defeated by Berengere Schuh , after she came back from a 1-5 disadvantage but lost the shoot-off. Schuh will face five-time Olympian Khatuna Lorig  in quarterfinal, who knocked out team silver medallist Cheng Ming  7-3.

The winner of the match will face either Ki or Ksenia Perova . The Russian won her 1/8 elimination round in a tie-break after she trailed 1-5 against Ika Yuliana Rochmawati .

In the second part of the brackets, Roman and Avitia will be against Pia Lionetti  and Lee respectively, after the Mexicans defeated Miki Kanie  and Carina Christiansen .

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Women – 1/8 Eliminations

CHENG Ming  (20) / Khatuna LORIG  (4)

Lorig, at her fifth Olympic Games, is hoping experience will help her defeat world No. 6 Cheng. The two archers faced each other at the World Cup in Shanghai last September for a straightforward win 6-0 by the Chinese.

Very strong start for the American in the first match of the day as she shot three arrows in the gold ring (10-9-10) to take the lead 2-0. As the second set was a draw, Lorig kept the lead at 3-1. She saw her opponent come back, however, as Cheng won the third set 28-26 (3-3).

Despite shooting all three arrows in the gold in the fourth set (9-9-10), the Chinese could only bow against a perfect series (10-10-10) by her opponent, who took back the lead, 5-3. Lorig clinched victory 7-3, after she won the final set 26-25.

Berengere SCHUH (37) / CHOI Hyeonju  (21)

Schuh has reason to feel optimistic as she goes up against an off-form and erratic Choi. However, she should be careful though, since the Korean shot brilliantly during Sunday's team event in which her team won gold.

The Frenchwoman took advantage of a seven at her opponent's third arrow of the match to win the first set 26-25 and lead 2-0. As the two ladies scored the same three arrows in the same order (9-9-10) in the second set, the advantage remained French, 3-1.

Choi shot another seven in the third set. With 26 points, she could not stand up to the 29 points of her opponent and trailed 1-5. She managed to stay alive in the match with 28 points, as Schuh missed the opportunity to tie the set and win the match at her third arrow.

With a 6 at her second arrow in the final set, the Frenchwoman let it go 22-27 and was driven to a shoot-off!

ChoiI's tie-break arrow was a nine a bit too high. Therefore, Schuh needed a 10 or a nine closer to the line to win. She released a 10 just inside to clinch victory.

Ksenia PEROVA  (9) / Ika Yuliana ROCHMAWATI  (40)

Rochmawati is a surprise addition to the 1/8 elimination round. She faces No. 9 seed, Perova, winner of this year's Indoor World Cup Final in Las Vegas.

The Russian scored a six at her second arrow of the match and lost the first set 23-26, trailing 0-2. The two archers increased their scores in the second set, but they were tied 27-27, and Rochmawati kept her lead 3-1.

Even if the Indonesian gave her an opportunity to come back in the third set, Perova could not take hold of it, shooting her second six of the match. She trailed 1-5. She found her best shooting in the fourth, however, and with 28 points she came back at 3-5.

The Russian repeated 28 points in the final set to take her opponent into a shoot-off (5-5). Shooting first, Perova managed to hit the 10-ring. With a low nine, Rochmawati let victory go after she led 5-1!

KI Bo Bae  (1) / Ren HAYAKAWA  (16)

After defeating Christine Bjerendal  6-4 and Inna Stepanova  7-3, Hayakawa now has her most challenging match against world No. 2 and ranking round No. 1 Ki Bo Bae , who won a gold medal in the team event.

The Japanese won the first women's archery medal with bronze.

Ki started with 27 points in the first set. Scoring nine and 10, her opponent could have won the set with a nine or better, but she hit the seven-ring and let the first set go (0-2).

Hayakawa repeated another 26 in the second set, not enough against Ki's 28, trailing 0-4.

As the two ladies repeated with the same score each (28-26), there was no miracle for the Japanese who conceded a straightforward defeat 0-6.

TAN Ya-Ting (3) / Pia LIONETTI  (19)

Lionetti has improved on her team performance by beating Karen Hultzer  and, surprisingly, Miranda Leek . She faces No. 3 seed Tan from Chinese Taipei, Youth Olympic Games silver medallist.

The Italian made the strongest start with 28 points and took the lead 2-0. She opened the second set with a six, however, and was tied 2-2.

In spite of making her next three arrows in the gold (9-10-9), Tan could not do anything against her opponent's perfect series (10-10-10) in the third set. Lionetti took back the lead 4-2.

The two archers started with a seven and an eight each in the fourth set. Tan then scored a poor six, which gave an opportunity to her opponent to clinch the match. The Italian did not miss it with an eight!

Aida ROMAN  (11) / Miki KANIE  (6)

Kanie dominated her first two rounds and is also boosted by a team bronze medal. She is a left-handed archer, which might be an advantage against the sun on this field.

The two young ladies started with 28 points each, and the match was drawn 1-1 after one set. The second turned in favour of the Japanese, who took advantage of an opening five by her opponent to win the set 27-24 and lead 3-1.

Kanie had the opportunity to win the third set and increase her lead if she shot an eight at her third arrow. Releasing a six, she let the set go and Roman came back at 3-3. Situation reversed when the Mexican took the lead for the first time of the match (5-3), winning the fourth set 27-25.

Roman managed to put pressure on her opponent in the final set thanks to 10 and nine. Kanie scored 8-9-9 for her part, leaving Roman with a good chance to clinch victory if she scored seven or better. The Mexican did not miss it with an eight.

Carina CHRISTIANSEN  (7) / Mariana AVITIA  (10)

Christiansen has hit form and says she used the energy of the crowd in her 7-3 victory over Elisa Barnard  and 6-4 triumph against Le Chien-Ying . Avitia hopes to offer her country its first ever archery Olympic medal.

The Dane lost the first set when she missed the target (too low) at her second arrow (16-25/0-2). But misadventure did not seem to disturb her and she came back with a 9-9-10 series to win the second set and tie the match 2-2.

Christiansen suffered from two bad shots in the third and fourth sets (two six) and scored two times 26 only. Avitia showed great performances in these sets with two times 29 points, and clinched a 6-2 victory.

Bishindee URANTUNGALAG  (18) / LEE Sung Jin  (2)

Olympic team gold medallist Lee has been untroubled so far but will be tested by Urantungalag, who has knocked out experienced pair Jennifer Nichols  and Alison Williamson .

Good start for the Korean with 10-10-9, taking the first two set points. She gave an opportunity to her opponent in the second set with only 26 points. But Urantungalagdid not take it, shooting a six at her second arrow for 25 points.

At 4-0, Lee was with complete confidence and clinched a straightforward 6-0 victory with a 28-26 win in the third set.