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World Archery Championships – Quotes of the Official Practice

1 September 2009
Ulsan (KOR) – 1 September 2009
Today in Ulsan (KOR) was the official training day at the 2009 World Archery Championships. We asked competitors the following questions:
Today in Ulsan (KOR) was the official training day at the 2009 World Archery Championships. We asked competitors the following questions: When did you arrive in Korea? What are your impressions of the country? How is it going for you in training? What are your goals for these World Championships?  Jenny NICHOLS (USA)    
Recurve Men  
Marco GALIAZZO (ITA) 1. I arrived on 29 August. 2. I have been training and haven’t done much sightseeing. 3. I’m shooting not too bad. I hope it will go better in the competition. 4. Win!  
Juan René SERRANO (MEX) 1. I have arrived here in the morning of 29 August. I have slept a lot to recover from the 24-hour journey from Mexico to Korea via Los Angeles. 2. I have already competed in Korea several times and I really like this country. It is very clean and very well developed from a technological point of view. Also I find the Korean culture and traditions very interesting. 3. I’m shooting pretty well. 4. My goal is to finish in the top 10 in the individual competition and in the top 5 with my team.  
Thomas AUBERT (FRA) 1. The French team has arrived on Saturday (30 August). 2. Since I arrived I have trained and I haven’t really had time for sightseeing... I have been sleeping most of the time. 3. I have had better times, but it will be OK. I still have two more days of training before the competition, so I will have time to get ready and everything should go well. 4. I hope to win a medal in the team competition. Individually, my goal is to make it to the 1/8 elimination rounds.  
Daniel REZENDE XAVIER (BRA) 1. I have arrived in Korea on 29 August. Since then I have been training most of the time. Apart from that I went for walks around the hotel. 2. Korea is a very well organised country, very beautiful and interesting. The people are very kind. Overall it would be a good place to live in. I really enjoy Korea! 3. My shooting is very good. I feel very comfortable despite the wind. The practice field is nice and the stadium is so big! 4. We expect a good performance from the Brazilian archers! We will try to win some matches and get a good position individually and as a team.  
Recurve Women  
Marie-Pier BEAUDET (CAN) 1. We arrived in Korea on Sunday 30 August. 2. The country is really beautiful, especially the mountains. And there is a very nice ocean view from the hotel room. 3. Training is going extremely well, despite the fact that I have been ill recently. 4. My goal is to make it to the top 16.  
Jenny NICHOLS (USA) 1. We arrived here 28 August. We have been practicing and training everyday, have done a little bit of shopping and gotten used to the time difference. 2. Korea is beautiful! I love the green hills that I can see from the field. And everyone is so kind and hospitable. The Korean people are very friendly. 3. Training is going really well. I think our team training has been very beneficial. It’s been really nice to be there and train on the field! 4. My personal goals are to shoot the best that I can and remain focused. Our team goal is very similar. It’s the first time we have this team together at an event. We will try to do our best. All of this is preparation for the future World Championships and Olympics.  
Compound Men  
Anton KHLYSCHENKO (RUS) 1. I arrived yesterday night (31 August) from another city in Korea where I had been training with my team for 3 weeks. 2. The infrastructure of the competition is very good, everything is very well organised, and the people are very good-natured. 3. I’m happy with how I shot today, considering how windy it was on the field. 4. I hope for a team medal and will simply try my best in the individual competition!  
Jorge JIMENEZ (ESA) 1. I have arrived in Ulsan with my team 3 days ago. We checked in our hotel and took a rest. The next day, we came here to get familiar with the competition field. I have already competed here in 2007 but the place is new for my teammates! 2. Korea has set up a great World Championships, it is a very well developed country which I really like! 3. I’m shooting very well despite the wind. I was expecting it because I already experienced these conditions when I shot here two years ago. 4. I want to be the best in the world again, of course!  
   Anastasia ANASTASIO (ITA) Compound Women  
Anastasia ANASTASIO (ITA) 1. I have arrived in Ulsan late on 29 August. The journey was long and I had to deal with jet lag, but I have recovered well already. 2. It’s my first time in Korea and I like it here, it’s a nice place to shoot. Korea is too far away from home, but for what I’ve seen it’s a good place to spend 10 days! 3. For now everything is going well, but I don’t want to tell you more before the competition tomorrow! 4. I want to win a medal individually and with my team.  
Natalia LONDONO (COL) 1. I arrived in Korea on 30 August. Since then I have been training, sleeping and adapting to the time difference. 2. I haven’t seen anything yet except what we can see from the bus between our hotel and the archery facilities. We’ll see if the coaches and team officials give us some time off for sightseeing! As for the Korean people, they are very formal and elegant. 3. There are many competitors and the weather here is very different from the one we have in Colombia. Here it is more windy and dry. The stadium is the biggest I have ever competed in. 4. I hope to shoot good results and go as far as possible!  
Albina LOGINOVA (RUS) 1. I arrived yesterday night in Ulsan, but I have already spent three weeks in Korea with the Russian team. Actually we came to this country directly after the World Cup event in Shanghai for a training camp. 2. I like the country. But I don’t really like the food, it’s too spicy for me! Before Ulsan we stayed in a small town with nothing to see. I haven’t seen anything of Ulsan yet except the nice ocean view from the hotel. I am tempted to go to the beach and have a swim! 3. The wind makes it difficult to shoot well. There are many competitors here compared to what we see at World Cup events, which is a positive thing. 4. I have high expectations for these World Championships because I have been shooting really well recently. I hope to stay at this high level and win a medal in the individual and team competitions!  
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