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Ski Archery

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RULES NATIONS NEWS RESULTS   Ski Archery   Ski Archery is a combination of Archery and Nordic cross-country skiing.   It takes its origin in the Scandinavian countries hundreds of years ago. The most ancient pictures showing a skier carrying a bow are found through the work of the Norwegian Claus Magnus, circa 1540. The characters were represented in shooting position with a very short recurve bow.   Ski Archery saw a rebirth in Italy in the mid-1980s. Since then, it has gone through many changes and modifications that have brought it to the current rules.    WA recognized Ski Archery in 1991. The sport is becoming popular in Italy, France, USA, Germany, Ukraine, Slovenia, Russia and Japan. One of the objectives is to gain more top level athletes and countries participating.   The International Biathlon Union (IBU) and WA had built a partnership to develop the discipline.  As of the (northern) winter season 2006, WA has become the international governing body for Ski Archery.   International events are being organized every winter.   The WA Ski Archery Coordinator Françoise Dagouret welcomes all your questions, comments, etc, and looks forward to receiving information on the status and development of the discipline all over the world.   Where they exist, WA Member Associations are invited to submit the name of the official Ski Archery Coordinator in their country.