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World Archery Awards - Gold, Silver, Bronze Plaquettes; Gold Arrow; Gender Equity

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World Archery Awards



Since 1955, Congress has awarded Gold or Silver Plaquettes in recognition of services to the cause of the sport of Archery.


Bronze Plaquettes can be awarded by Member Associations, with the prior approval of the Executive Committee, to individuals in their countries who have rendered good service to international Archery.

Guidelines for World Archery Plaquettes (World Archery Constitution & Rules, Book 1, Appendix 6)  


In 1997, World Archery created the Golden Arrow award to honour people who have assisted World Archery but who are not members of a Member Associations. World Archery Council awards this trophy.




The World Archery Gender Equity Committee has established a new award to reward the involvement of women in archery at every level. This award will be given to women for their remarkable contribution and service to World Archery. It is called the “World Archery Women's Award.”   Another award will also be given each year to World Archery Member Associations for their female athletes’ outstanding participation in major World Archery events. It is called the “World Archery Member Associations Female Athletes Award.”  
These awards were granted for first time on the occasion of the 48th World Archery Congress (Ulsan 2009). Three Member Associations with the most female athletes participating in the 2008 World Cup received the Member Associations Female Athletes Award. In addition, World Archery Council presented, the World Archery Women’s Award to remarkable women in the archery family for their outstanding contribution to World Archery.