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21 February 2006 - FITA President Opening Speech at the 1st Asian Grand Prix 2006 in Bangkok

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FITA President Opening Speech at the 1st Asian Grand Prix 2006 in Bangkok

Bangkok - 13 February 2006


"Dear Deputy Prime Minister, Dear Vice-President,Mr Sanguan Kosavinta, dear Archers,


I am happy being here one more time together with my Asian friends for the first leg of the Asian Grand Prix in 2006.


Asia has a key role in world archery and has an important Archery tradition. As the FITA President I believe that this big continent will arrange some more activities in AAF body with the new President Mr. Chung. Especially before the 2008 Games we will have some good opportunities in Asia.


As you know FITA starts a new and very important project “World Cup” this year and the deciding leg will be held in Shanghai. This project is important not only for our Member Associations and archers but also for the sponsors. We have to arrange some well organized events and some new opportunities (facilities) because this is a win and win meeting with FITA, organizers and our sponsors.


I am very proud that for the first time in FITA history we have a very important sponsorship program now and every month some new sponsors join us. As I declared in my presidential program we arranged a good sponsoring programme, very well based archery development programme and a good strategic TV programme.


Shortly speaking we have to be more active; we have to be ready for the future. Now FITA prepares a new strategic plan for the next 6 years and as you know we arranged two Think tank meetings with some well experienced people from all around the world.

After another two-three meetings we will share our draft plan with all Member Associations and will take their input. I believe that

Archery will be among the strongest disciplines in the Olympic programme.


As the President of FITA I would like to welcome all participants to the Asian Grand Prix Tournament and I believe that this will be a very well organized event and everyone will leave here with good memories.


As you know Bangkok will be the host city for the next Universiade. After two very successful Archery organizations in Daegu and Izmir in 2003 and 2005, FITA expects Archery will be included in the program and our archers will compete in Bangkok happily. I believe that Bangkok Organising Committee will take a decision about this important subject.


I would like to thank the Organising Committee Members, especially to my friend FITA Vice-President, Mr Sanguan Kosavinta and the authorities of the sports body of Thailand for their great efforts for this organization and my special thanks to Mr Kosavinta for his very kind invitation for me and for my Secretary General. Another thanks to the judges and archers who participate in this event. Without them there is no Archery.

Good luck to all the teams."


Dr Ugur Erdener

FITA President