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Indoor World Championships: Drama with the Individuals !

Rohrberg (GER) in Recurve Men, Hayakawa (JPN) in Women, Gellenthien in Compound Men (USA), and Salvi (ITA) in Women are the new World Champions!
The individuals played single eliminations matches of 12 arrows (max. 120 pts); they shoot 4 ends of 3 arrows in semi-finals and then for the bronze and gold.
  Recurve Men A sign of the great competition in Izmir was given by the Olympic Champion Galiazzo (ITA). He hasn’t shot a match under 118 pts out of 120 the whole week and ended in 4th place. He just met a rock solid Rohrberg (GER) in the semi. The German shot a perfect 120 score to reach the final. They were both tied at 90 pts after 9 arrows, but Galiazzo could not keep it up until the end. In the other semi, Ivashko (UKR) joined the final defeating Rice (USA), 119 – 113.   Galiazzo and Rice offered another great match for the bronze medal. They were both tied until the last arrow shooting perfectly (110-110). However, the last arrow was decisive. Only Rice could keep it perfect and won 120-119 pts.   Rohrberg (GER) lost the team final and but started well with a perfect 30. Ivashko (UKR) starts with 28 pts. Rohrberg continued reaching a perfect 60. Ivashko reached 57 pts. In the third end, Ivashko then shot a perfect 30, but Rohrberg hold on with 29 points. Score was 89-87. Ivashko gave another 29 to conclude that Rohrberg matched. The German won gold, 118 - 116 pts !   What a present for his birthday earlier this week ! What a way to promote the Outdoor World Championships in Leipzig, Germany, mid-July.   Recurve Women Both semi-finals were really close. Hayakawa (JPN) and Dorokhova (UKR) were tied at 84 points after 9 arrows, but the Japanese finished with a strong 29 to clinch the match 113 – 111 pts. In the second semi-final, Folkard (GBR) was leading 85-83 after 9 arrows, but didn’t manage to keep it solid until the end. The 25 points of Folkard in her last three arrows were a clear open door for Schuh (FRA). The French scored 29 and clinched a place in the final with 112-110 pts.   Probably, the Britain could not get over her disappointment for the bronze medal match. Another bad end put her behind (87-82 pts) versus Dorokhova who earned the bronze, 115-112 pts. Another medal for the Ukrainian after her silver in Aalborg 2005.   Hayakawa (JPN) took on the 2003 World Champion Schuh (FRA). A slow start from the French gave a two point lead to the Japanese after three arrows (28-26). Schuh came back at one point deficit at half-match. Hayakawa managed to keep this point margin after 9 arrows : 84-83. The suspense stayed until the very last arrow, but Schuh’s 9 was unable to match Hayakawa’s 10.   First gold medal for a Japanese at an Indoor World Championships !   Compound Men The young American Gellenthien was solid in his semi-final against the experienced Genet (FRA). The US representative started with a 60 (after 6 arrows), while Genet dropped two points in his first three arrows. Despite a strong finish, Genet could not come back : 118-117 for Gellenthien. In the second semi, number 15th seed Duo (ESP) kept on rolling. He was trailing Dutchman Elzinga by one point after 6 arrows but the third end was the turning point. Duo scored 30, Elzinga 28. The last three arrows could not change the match and Duo won 117-116 pts.   The bronze medal was therefore shot among two of the very top archers of last year World Cup. They didn’t want to lose ground : 58-58 after 6 arrows, then 87-87 and 116-116 pts. They had to go to a sudden-death shoot-off. One arrow each, best score wins. They both shot a 10 so they had to shoot a 2nd arrow. This time only Genet was perfect and clinched the bronze (10-9).   In the final, Gellenthien (USA) had another strong start from with a perfect 30, compared to Duo (ESP), 27 pts. The American then led 59 to 55 pts and 88 – 84 pts.   Gellenthien (USA) won the World University Championships in Slovakia last year.   Compound Women Experience prevailed in the women’s semis. Salvi (ITA) dominated teammate Galletti (ITA) 119-114 pts. The second semi was tighter. Agudo (ESP) was meeting the crowd favorite Atici (TUR). They were tied at 58 points and then at 114 pts. However, Agudo kept her nerve in the shoot-off, scoring a 10 against the 9 of Atici.   The bronze medal match was tense as well. Galletti gained a small advantage after 6 arrows (57-56) and could barely hold it until the end : 115-114 pts. Nevertheless Atici deserved the cheering of the home fans !   The two experimented Salvi (ITA) and Agudo (ESP) started with a 29 pts each. A couple of very close calls by the judges took place in the 2nd end, but both archers reached 57 pts. Salvi then continued with a perfect 30, while Agudo only achieved 28 pts (87 to 85). The Italians fans were going crazy ! Another perfect 30 from Salvi proved too much for Agudo. Salvi wins 117 – 113 pts !   Congratulations to the Izmir’s Organizing Committee for a superb Indoor World Championships !   Didier Miéville / Chantal Steiner FITA Communication