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Korea, Venezuela and Australia takes Individual gold home!

The Individual Finals ended at 11:30 p.m. after enjoying a first-ever night shoot in Boé, France. Viktor Ruban (UKR), Park Sung-Hyun (KOR), Patrick Coghlan (AUS) and Luzmary Guedez (VEN) are the winners of this last World Cup Stage!

Recurve Men
  Gold Medal: RUBAN Viktor (UKR) - LI Wenquan (CHN)
Ruban has qualified for the World Cup Final in Lausanne and is 27th in the world. Li is 110 in the world at this time. They have never faced each other.

Li opens the match on target 2 and scores a 10. Ruban starts with a 9. Li follows with 10-9 and Ruban with 8-9 to trail with 26-29. In the Second end Ruban continues with 9-10-10, but Li keeps the lead with 10-9-8. Ruban gets closer, scoring 8-9-8 with 4 seconds left on the clock. Li continues with 9-9-8 staying ahead by 2 pts (82-80). Ruban can still come back in the last end, and he starts with a 10 while Li with a 9. Ruban shoots a 9, as does Li , and finishes with a 9. Li shoots an 8 and ties the match at 108 pts!

The shoot-off arrow for Li is an 8, and Ruban wins the first gold medal of a World Cup Stage for Ukraine with a 9!
  Bronze Medal: PARK Kyung-Mo (KOR) - XUE Hai Feng (CHN)
Park is ranked 7th in the World and Xue is 23rd. Park is also qualified for the World Cup Final in Lausanne this year.

An 8 starts the match for Xue, as Park scores 9. Xue does not seem confortable with the lights as he shoots 6-9 and Park with 9-X10 now leads 28-23. In the second end, Xue seems better, shooting 9-8-9. However, Park with 9-10-X10 increases his lead 57-49. A 9 for Xue and Park starts the third end, followed by 8-8 for Xue and 8-9 for Park (83-74). Last end in this match, and Xue finishes with 9-X10-9, as Park wins the bronze medal with 10-10-8! Final score 111-102.
  Recurve Women
  Gold Medal: PARK Sung-Hyun (KOR) - YUN Ok Hee (KOR)
In this match, number 2 (Yun) faces number 3 (Park) in the world! Both archers are qualified for the World Cup Final this year. Last time they shot against each other in Antalya, Yun broke the World Record at 119 pts.

A 9 opens this match for Park, and an 8 for Yun. Next arrows for Park: 9, 8 and Yun: 9-9 to tie the match (26-26). In the second end, Park scores 9-10-9, as Yun does her best scoring 9-7-10 letting Park take the lead (54-52). Yun starts the third end with 9, followed by another 9 from Park. They continue with 9-9 for Yun and 10-10 for Park, who leads by 4 points (83-79). In the last end, Yun scores 10, as Park shoots 9. They finish with 10-10 and a perfect end for Yun, as Park wins the match and gold medal with 10-9 and a final score of 111-109!
  Bronze Medal: ZHAO Ling (CHN) - ZHANG Juan Juan (CHN)
Zhao is number 44 in the world ranking list, as her opponent and teammate Zhang is number 4 in the world.

Opening arrow is a 9 for Zhang, and an 8 for Zhao. Zhang then scores a 10, as her opponent scores 8-8, and Zhang closes with a 9 (28-24). Second end for the teammates, and Zhao shoots 9-8-10, while Zhang shoots 9-10-10 to increase her lead (57-51). Third end and Zhao shoots 8, followed by Zhang's 10. Zhao's other arrows are 9-10, and Zhang's 10-10 for a perfect end and a 9 point lead (87-78). Last end in this match and Zhao scores 10-7-10, as Zhang scores 8-8-10 to win bronze medal with a final score of 113-105.
  Compound Men
  Gold Medal: TATARYN Kevin (CAN) - COGHLAN Patrick (AUS)
These archers have never faced each other.

Coghlan opens with 10-9-10, as Tataryn opens with 9-10-10 to tie at 29 pts. Second end starts with 10 for Coghlan and Tataryn, to continue with 10-9 for Patrick and 9-10 for Kevin to tie again the match at 58 pts. Coghlan(World Ranking 14) scores 9 to open third end, while Tataryn shoots a 10. They continue with 10-9 for the Australian and 9-9 for the Canadian to score 86 pts on each side. Coghlan, who is qualified for the World Cup Final in Lausanne, starts the last end of this match with a 9. Tataryn follows with a 10 and now leads by one point. Coghlan then also shoots a 10, as Tataryn scores another 10. Coghlan's last arrow is a 10 again. Luckily for him, Tataryn's last arrow is a 9, which ties the match at 115 pts!

In the First shoot-off they both shoot 10, this means a second shoot-off will occur! This time Coghlan shoots an X10, against a 9 for Tataryn, So the Australian takes the gold medal home while the Canadian gets the silver medal.

  Bronze Medal: HOFER Patrizio (SUI) - DAMSBO Martin (DEN) at 21:48
The last time these archers shot against each other was in Santo Domingo World Cup Stage and Hofer won the match.

Damsbo opens this match with an X10 dead centre and follows with a 9 and another X10 to score 29 pts. While Hofer shoots 10-10-9 to tie the match at 29 pts. In the second end Damsbo scores 9, as Hofer shoots 10. Another 10 for the Dannish, as Hofer shoots a 9, followed by Damsbo's 10, as well as Hofer's 10. Tied match again at 58 pts. Third end and Damsbo scores 9-10-10, Hofer manages to shoot 9-X10-X10 to keep the match tied at 87 pts. Last end in this match and Damsbo scores an X10, as Patrizio trails by one  point with a 9. Damsbo takes advantage of this situation shooting a 10, then Hofer also shoots 10. The Danish scores a 10 to clinch the bronze medal, although Patrizio also shoots a 10, but the one point difference is in the advantage of Damsbo who takes his revenge of Santo Domingo, winning the match 117-116! 
  Compound Women
  Gold Medal: SIMPSON Nichola (GBR) - GUEDEZ Luzmary (VEN)
Simpson shoots first on target 1 with an 8. Guedez opens also with an 8. Simpson continues with a 9, as Guedez shoots a 10. Simpson then scores a 9, while Guedez answers with a 10. The Venezuelan leads the first end 28-26. Second end starts with a 9 for the Brit as well as for the Venezuelan. Simpson concentrates and scores an X10 and a 9, but the Venezuelan shoots very good too with 9-9-X10 and stays ahead by two pts at 56-54. A 10 for Simpson on the third end, as Guedez shoots a 9. Simpson then shoots another 10, as the Venezuelan shoots an 8, she is behind now. Simpson now scores an 8 and Guedez fails to take advantage as she also shoots an 8. Simpson now leads by 1 point. Last end, and Guedez shoots a magnificent X10, as Simpson only shoots a 9, the match is tied. Guedez puts even more pressure on the Brit shooting another 10, but Simpson stays calm and also shoots 10. The last arrow for Guedez is a 10 again, and Simpson can't handle it and offers the victory to the Venezuelan shooting a 9. Final score 111-110 for Guedez.
  Bronze Medal: VAN NATTA Jamie (USA) - KAZANTSEVA Anna (RUS)
It's the first match of these Individual Finals of the last World Cup Stage of 2008.

Last time these archers faced each other in a match was in 2007, in the World Cup Final in Dubai, and Van Natta won the match.

Kazantseva shoots first on target 2 and starts the match with a 9, followed by an 8 and a 9 again. Van Natta starts with a 9 as well, but continues with an X10 and an 8. Van Natta leads by 1 pt in the first end 28-27. In the second end, Kazantseva shoots 10-9-10, while the American (World Ranking 1) scores 10-8-10 to tie the match at 55 pts. Kaztantseva (World Ranking 9) starts the third end with 9. Van Natta ties with a 9 too. The Russian shoots another 9, while Van Natta ties again! The two archers stay concentrated and both shoot 9. The score is still tied (82). The last end could decide it all. The Russian shoots a 9, and Van Natta an X10. The Russian continues with an X10, as well as Van Natta. The last arrow of Kazantseva is a 9, the American knowing she needs a 9 to win, shoots a 9 and wins the bronze medal!
Chantal Steiner
FITA Communication

NB: X10 and 10 are both 10 points. X10 were mentionned for information whenever possible. The arrows are mentioned in order whenever possible.