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31 July 2008 - Death of Yaron Tal, Israeli Athlete and Coach

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Death of Yaron Tal, Israeli Athlete and Coach Lausanne – 31 July 2008   We are very saddened to hear that Yaron Tal passed away on 30 July at the age of 34 years old. He fought with great courage against cancer but in the end he lost the most important match of his life. Our sincere condolences go to his wife and daughter and the entire Archery Family in Israel.   We also thank all the archers that have supported the initiative to gather funds to pay for his medical treatment which was a true example of the solidarity that exists in the Archery Family. This signal of support really touched Yaron and helped him in this terrible situation as he communicated to us: “I never imagined this, it’s like getting lost, and then being found again, discovering an entire gigantic family waiting for you with wide open arms at home. It’s amazing!” Yaron believed that love and faith would bring the real cure.   Yaron Tal was an international level professional athlete. In the recent years he had become the coach of the Israeli National Team. Yaron’s brilliant career was cut short when he was diagnosed with cancer of the colon.   Yaron, we will miss you on the Field of Play!   Yours sincerely,   Tom Dielen
FITA Secretary General