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Indoor World Championships - Quotes of Individual Finals

  Recurve Men   Yavor HRISTOV (BUL) photo left – Gold I prepared well for these world championships and I expected to do a good job. Many times I have been close to success so here I hoped to get it! In the final, I had a difficult start but then I felt stronger and stronger. I finished with one 9 and seven 10s, including two in the shoot-off. I didn’t hear the fans because I was so much focused. However, I was told that the few Bulgarian fans were very loud! It’s a great victory!   This year I plan to participate in the World Cup and the Grand Prix in Sofia. My next big objective is the outdoor world championships. A medal there is all I miss in my career now.   Jean-Charles VALLADONT (FRA) photo right – Bronze I had to fight very hard for this one! I don’t have ever wanted so much an X10 than during the last shoot-off arrow. My score of 116 during the match was in fact OK. The experience from the Nimes tournament helped me a lot but here I was in a reverse situation. I was shooting against a Polish archer in front of his fans. I felt the pressure. He took a better start but Marc (DELLENBACH), my coach, told me that I had the chance to come back at the end of the match.   I had never seen my opponent on the international scene and he only qualified at 31st place. Of course, he then shot some good matches to get here, but I hoped that he would feel the pressure at the end so that I could tie the match. I was again nervous during my first shoot-off arrow and I scored a 9. Fortunately, GOLY gave me another chance. Then, I told myself I could not let anything go anymore. I managed to shoot a 10 and then an X10.   Recurve Women   Karina WINTER (GER) photo left – Gold It’s a complete surprise for me. I wasn’t shooting well the last two weeks so I came here with low confidence. I just came to shoot without asking myself too much questions. And here I am as a world champion and I will hear my national anthem on the podium very soon. It’s amazing!   After we celebrate, we’ll turn to the outdoor season. I like it a lot, too, and last year was my best season. My goal is to qualify for the world championships in Korea!   Berengere SCHUH (FRA) – Bronze I wasn’t shooting at my best in the individual matches, and the semi-final took me out. Today, I am happy with the bonze. See you next time in Santo Domingo!   Compound Men   Chance BEAUBOUEF (USA) photo right – Team and individual world champion I guess you can say it’s a perfect week! I prepared for this tournament like I haven’t prepared one for a long time. Since November, I have been training everyday and I turned it another notch when I qualified at the US trials early January. I am very glad that I came on the international scene. The organisation and the atmosphere of these world championships were awesome! I hope to come to more FITA events this year and especially the outdoor world championships!   About the team world record, it’s amazing! It will be ours forever!   Dominique GENET (FRA) – Bronze It was better today. I win for just one point but that’s the way it is at this level of competition. I still have some pain in my neck so I am very satisfied with two bronze medals today.   Now we’ll try to qualify for the outdoor world championships and compete in the World Cup.   Compound Women   Mary HAMM (ZORN) (USA) photo left – Team and individual world champion Some people say I make it looks easy but it’s not! I try to stay calm because it does make it easier. When you shoot in the final against a teammate, it is actually a pretty good situation. For once, you have a guaranteed medal, and also you are used to shoot against her back home.   I have now a pretty good indoor record with three world titles and one bronze. As you can see, I will leave the competition again (redaction note: Mary is pregnant), but I will try to come back sooner this time. We have experience with the family and the archery range is closer than before. I hope to see you soon!   FITA Communication