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27 August 2009 - Petra ERICSSON (SWE): “Put the archers in a perfect mood”

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Petra ERICSSON (SWE): “Put the archers in a perfect mood” Lausanne (SUI) – 27 August 2009 Petra ERICSSON at 2007 World Cup Final in Dubai    Petra ERICSSON (SWE) is one of the archers who has won the most medals at the world level in the last twenty years. She did it in both recurve and compound and across many disciplines (outdoor, indoor, field). In the coming days and on the eve of the World Archery Championships, we will publish some reflections and statistics “about winning”. It fits to catch up with Petra first.   We met with Petra recently at the World Games. The Swede was born on 1 June 1973 and burst onto the international scene at just 16 years old. She provisionally ended her career in style with a victory at the World Cup Final Dubai 2007. She is now coaching—a husband and a baby. Here are some of her brilliant results:   1st Compound Ind. World Cup Final Dubai 2007 1st Compound Ind. World Cup Varese 2007 2nd Compound Ind. World Cup Dover 2007 1st Recurve Team World Field Championships Goteborg 1996 1st Recurve Ind. World Games Duisburg 2005 1st Recurve Team World Field Championships Canberra 2002 5th Recurve Ind. World Championships Beijing 2001 1st Compound Ind. World Games Lahti 1997 1st Compound Ind. World Field Championships Kranjska Gora 1996 2nd Compound Ind. World Championships Jakarta 1995 2nd Compound Ind. World Indoor Championships Birmingham 1995 5th Recurve Ind. World Championships Cracow 1991   Hello Petra! The last time we saw you, you were a happy pregnant lady and winning the World Cup Final 2007! How has it been going since then? Fine. I have been enjoying my first year as a mother. I take care of my son and I am coaching Mats-Inge (her husband). I just shoot a little bit at home or at local competitions.   Had you ever coached before? Since Mats-Inge is my husband, we have been helping each other for a long time and I did some coaching at the club level. However, I would say this year we do it more seriously and the World Games are the first major competition that I can attend as a coach. During the World Cup that he competed in this year, I stayed home and I tried to help him by phone and email.      Petra ERICSSON and husband Mats-Inge SMORDAL How has Mats-Inge been shooting this year? He is happy with his results. He is more stable, more consistent at the high level. As you know, he shoots for Norway and they have a team qualified for the upcoming world championships. That is their main objective and they have practiced a lot the team round with Morten BOE and Thomas SANDBERG. They went to the World Cup stages in Porec and Antalya.   And how do you judge your coaching? Well, it’s weird no to have a bow, and it’s a bit weird to wear a Norwegian shirt (smiling). But it’s fun! It’s a good way to be part of the archery world. I think it’s very good for an archer to try to be a coach. Then you understand what you can expect from a coach. With Mats, it’s also a special situation and I think it is an advantage. He has coached me before and we know each other so well. I know when he just wants to be alone, when I need to push him mentally, when I need to be more technical with my advices.   On site, a coach is also there to take care of the logistics. Make it easy for the archers so that they can just focus on shooting! At this stage, Mats knows how to shoot.   How do you transmit your passion, your winning experience? Well, I try at least. Winning never comes just like that. You need to do the ground work at home. Work on the technique, the setting and the tuning of the bows, write the reports and analyse the shots. Then, during competitions, it’s more about the human touch. Try to motivate the archer, make sure he feels good. Anyone must be on the perfect mood to shoot a perfect score!   Last question, will you come back to shooting? I actually plan to shoot some international tournaments next season. This year is Mat’s turn, hopefully next year I can shoot a little more.   Thank you Petra and we wish you the best for all the family!   Didier MIEVILLE FITA Communication